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    Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Everyday

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    Sunny days are the time when you normally grab the best sunscreen lotion in the market. But, did you know that the importance of sunscreen is not confined to sunny days alone? Come winter and you should still apply it on your skin to provide the protection it needs.

    Sunscreen has numerous benefits you can enjoy, from mere aesthetic concerns to some health issues. On this page, you will learn about the numerous reasons why you should wear sunscreen.

    Why Should You Wear Sunscreen?

    As mentioned earlier, protecting your skin should not be restricted to sunny days. Here are the top reasons why you should wear sunscreen everyday:

    It shields the skin from the sun’s harmful rays

    As you know, the ozone layer is continuously depleting; that is why you are at a high risk of getting harmed by the sun’s UV rays. Applying sunscreen does a lot in blocking these rays from penetrating the skin, resulting in various skin disorders.

    Sun Protection

    It helps you fight skin cancer

    As of writing, the rates of various skin cancer types are on the rise. Studies have shown that sunscreen can truly decrease their development, especially that of melanoma; which is the worst type. Just make sure to wear it daily and properly to achieve the best result.

    It prevents tanning and sunburns

    Before we understood the health benefits of sunscreen, we have first seen it as something you can apply for aesthetic purposes. Some people don’t like tanning; that is why they use sunscreen. And of course, nobody likes to endure sunburns in which the blisters you get may increase the risk of having skin cancer.

    It prevents premature aging

    Of course, you want to enjoy a young-looking and healthy skin. And yes, using sunscreen provides you this benefit as it can slow down the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging on the skin. According to studies focused on people below 55 years old, those who regularly use sunscreen have 24-percent lesser chances of experiencing some aging signs compared to occasional sunscreen users or those who don’t use sunscreen at all.

    It generally improves the skin’s health

    Did you know that you should wear sunscreen on your face, too? While it is a fact, numerous people don’t realize the importance of doing so and just limit themselves to applying sunscreen on the body. The benefits of sunscreen for acne and facial problems in general are indeed remarkable

    To prevent red vein eruptions and blotchiness, just liberally apply sunscreen on your face. The same thing goes for acne and other damages caused by the sun’s rays.

    Moreover, sunscreen also protects keratin, elastin, and collagen, which are all essential in keeping the skin healthy and smooth.

    Wear Sunscreen Regularly

    It can likewise serve as a great cosmetic option

    You may also use your sunscreen as a cream to achieve a fresh look. All you need to do is apply and leave it on your skin. Should you have a dry skin, reapply a coating more frequently for better results. Perhaps, this is one of your favorite reasons to wear sunscreen.

    Wearing sunscreen protects your skin better than using a full-sleeve dress

    This is one of the most surprising benefits of wearing sunscreen everyday. Sunlight can penetrate into your clothes especially those made from cotton, which don’t offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays. For this, make sure to apply sunscreen generously under your clothes.

    There are more great reasons why you should always wear sunscreen. Feel free to do further research, so you can learn more benefits and even the negative effects of not wearing sunscreen.

    Are Sunscreens Affordable and Convenient to Use?

    Because of the growing demand for sunscreen products, many variants have emerged in the market; hence the numerous options for buyers like you. They are likewise cost effective; not to mention the fact that you can find lots of recipes online and prepare them at home.

    Furthermore, most products nowadays are waterproof. They are mostly beneficial when you use it before swimming, for you may not need to reapply. Also, this allows you to have fun in the water without burning your skin.

    There are countless of choices that you may want to explore. You may go online and search for reviews, or go to your favorite store and look through the best-sellers.

    Of Spray-on Sunscreens and Expired Products

    If you don't like the greasy feeling of applying lotion on your skin, you may opt for spray-on products. This is likewise a great option for you if you are an outdoor enthusiast, for you would need to reapply every now and then.

    As a responsible user, make sure to properly apply the product and see to it that your item is in good condition. Do not use a product that has already expired because it has already lost its capacity to protect the skin from the sun. You may also experience some adverse effects; for instance, skin irritation.

    Myths About Sunscreen

    Myths about Sunscreen

    Your skin,  being the largest organ of your body needs utmost protection against the harsh effects of the environment. Constant exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays can cause damage to your skin like wrinkles, age spots and even skin cancer. That’s why it is important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB.

    However, a lot of people don’t follow through due to some myths about sunscreen. Here are some of them:

    Dark-skinned people don’t need sunscreen

    Dark-skinned people have more melanin that protects the skin from sun damage by dispersing the UV rays. However, melanin doesn’t block the damaging effect of  too much sun exposure. Hence, people with dark skin are also at risk of developing skin cancer; and therefore also need sunscreen protection. 

    Sunscreen can last all day

    Sunscreens wear out after a few hours. For this, it is important to apply and reapply every two hours or according to the time indicated on its label.

    You don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days

    It is true that clouds block infrared rays, but not 100 percent of the ultraviolet rays. In fact, it blocks only 20 percent of the UV rays. No wonder, you can still have sunburn.

    For that matter, you are at risk of premature aging and skin cancer if you stay long outside and don't wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Meanwhile, you should also wear sunscreen in the winter, for it is one of the seasons when you should exert more effort to avoid wrinkles and dry skin. These facts are clear indications that you really need sunscreen everyday. As for wrinkles, read our advice on how to get rid of wrinkles.

    Cloudy Day

    Wearing sunscreen won’t give you a tan

    Applying and reapplying sunscreen all over your body several times a day do not guarantee that you won’t have a tan. Aside from the sunscreen, wearing of brimmed hat and long sleeve clothing can help you avoid getting a tan.

    All sunscreens have the same effect

    Sunscreens have different active components and therefore offer different levels of sun protection. Although these ingredients block the sun’s harmful UV rays, they do so in different ways. Be sure to use a full sunscreen spectrum for optimal skin protection against the widest range of UV light. When choosing a sunscreen, consider the one with the highest SPF.


    What happens if you don’t wear sunscreen? Do you really need to reapply it every now and then? All the things you have learned above are facts and should not be ignored. Whether for cosmetic or for health purposes, see to it that you always wear the best sunscreen product.

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