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Sitting May Be Killing You… These 10 Activities Will Save Your Life!

Wake up at 7.30, drink coffee and have a quick breakfast before you sit in your car and drive for 40 minutes to your working place. Working on a chair from 9 to 5, then getting out and sitting in your car again only to switch your seats 40 minutes later with the comfortable sofa in front of your huge plasma TV while having a bowl with pasta for dinner. A couple of hours later you move in your bed for your nightly rest.

Do you think this is really where million years of evolution wanted to bring us?

Well, the thing is that diabetes, heart attacks and other diseases that are closely related to our increasingly slowing and unhealthy way of life will eventually play their part in the “survival of the fittest” game.

Apart from making us fat and increasing the risk of death by 60%, sitting is messing up our entire body. Calorie burning stops, muscle shut off, insulin effectiveness drops. We get into a vegetative state and the longer we do it the worse it gets for our health and our bones (hello there back pain). However, the good news is that it is up to us to stop this effect by doing the following small at a first glance things, that play a major role in keeping the machine called “our body” going.

1. Let’s Start With “Drinking Water”

Staying hydrated, helps your body to get rid of the toxins you consume every day one way or another. Apart from that, it keeps your organs working and consuming energy. The other indirect beneficial aspect of drinking more and more water is that you have to go to the toilet more often and this will turn be your “alarm” for the activities in the rest of this list. Make it a habit that whenever you go to relieve yourself you do a short physical exercise afterwards. The more water you drink, the more often you have to go and the more exercises you have to do. It’s that simple.

2. Climb Stairs

Yes. this is the most easy and common thing you can do. Most people work in 10+ store buildings and climbing 10 stores from the bottom to the top 2-3 times a day is a great way of waking up your leg muscles and letting your blood rush through them.

3. Do Squats

There may not be that many stairs in your building or you may not want to be seen by people running up and down like a maniac. You can simply stay in your toilet cabin and start doing some squats. The more – the merrier. Start with 20 at a time and by the end of the day you will be at 80-100. Gradually increase the repetitions in each set and you will feel much fitter than you used to.

4. Go Outside For Some Short Sprints

Sprinting is the best way to get the most of your body muscles active for the shortest time. Jogging won’t do you as good as sprinting will as the oxygen consumption by your muscle will be much higher and your body will have to release much more energy to power up your muscles during your run.

5. Do Warm Up Gymnastics

Warm up gymnastics are great to get your blood running through your whole body, while staying at the same spot the whole time. Do some jumping jacks, squat a bit, get things even further when you lie on the ground a do some push-ups and mountain climbers.

6. Stretch

Stretching your core muscles is a great way to loosen tension. You can take a look at some yoga exercises since they do not require any additional equipment and only require you to lay down.

7. Sit On a Fitness Ball

Fitness balls keep your back and legs in an active state by not offering you the stability of a chair to rest your back muscles. Your feet stand firm on the ground and are not pulling you down to increase pressure in your lower back.

8. Stand Up While Working

Your good health is of interest to your employer. The less days you spend missing due to being sick or having a severe back pain, the better for the company. Talking with your employer about getting you a height adjustable table or a standing desk converter and convincing them you need one may turn out to be pretty easier than you might think. You may take things a step further with introducing a treadmill desk into your office space. It is basically a high desk where you have to stand, and a treadmill beneath it so you have to walk slowly while doing your daily job. In crowded office spaces this may turn to be a problem, but working from home with a set like this is the best thing you can do to your body as it stays active during the whole day.

9. Lay On The Chair And Get a Footrest

The more you lay on your back and the less your feet pull your weight lower, the lower the pressure on your lower back is. Get yourself a chair you can lay into and a footrest so that you lift your legs higher.

Also consider using a foot masager once in a while to help relieve tension in your leg muscles. An ankle brace may be a good idea if you have constant pain from standing and walking.

10. Stand Up And Walk Instead Of Writing In-Office Emails

It is no-brainer that every time you have to inform somebody about a project status or completed task, you do not necessarily have to do it by email. Standing up and walking for a while is a great way to get yourself out of the vegetative state you are while sitting. You can always write the email once you get back in case you have to keep a record of the communication.

11. BONUS: Get a Bike

Most of the time spent while moving through a big city by car is in traffic jams and waiting for a green light. Spare yourself the anger and frustration and buy yourself a bike. Working on those pedals for 30-40 minutes twice a day makes a huge difference.

By combining these tips and exercising for a short period of time every 1-2 hours, you will really lower the overall risk for you and your body. If you want to be an active person that is able to enjoy life to its fullest, then it is up to you to start the change today and if you find these tips useful, share them with the people you care about and check out what else we have to offer!

About the Author Samantha Brown

Growing up as a kid who played outside, Samantha enjoys an active lifestyle and emphasizes health as a key component to her life. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others so that anybody can live a healthy life. On the weekends, you can find her hiking around Southern California!

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