How to Sleep on a Plane

Learning How to Sleep on a Plane Will Help You Enjoy Your Holiday Better

T.S. Eliot once said, “The journey, not the destination matters.” While people who are off to their dream vacations on the other side of the world will beg to disagree, it’s hard to deny the literal truth in this quote.

Flying is always gruesome, especially if it’s a long-haul flight. It can also have an impact on your much-awaited vacation because how you get to your destination can set the tone of your holiday. Starting it on the wrong foot will cause stress when you only want to enjoy.

The biggest stressor when it comes to flights is the sleep you could (or couldn’t) get on the plane. If you want to set the right tone for your vacation, you might want to know the best way to sleep on a plane. This will ensure that you’ll actually get some rest on a long flight so you can arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy your time at your destination.

Dying to know how to sleep on a long plane flight? Here are some tricks from the experts:

Choose Your Seat Carefully

It will be best if you can choose your seat when buying your plane tickets. According to experts, these are the best seats for sleeping:

  • First class seats. These are named such for a reason. They are always the best seats on a flight, so if you can afford them, go for it. These seats will definitely provide the most comfortable way to sleep on a plane. If you can’t go all out, business class seats are great, too. They offer more space, so you can be more comfortable.
  • For business and coach seats, window seats are the best as they offer a solid wall to rest your head against when you try to sleep.
  • Seats far away from 7F. A study found out that this seat is the most in demand so expect that area to always be full.
  • The back of the aircraft. They can offer a more quiet spot for those who wish to sleep as they’re usually away from the hustle and bustle of the other passengers.
Choose Your Seat Carefully

Don’t Hesitate to Recline

Reclining your seat will help you get comfortable enough to catch some shuteye. The body finds it hard to go into REM sleep while sitting up on a plane, so this is an absolute must. Just make sure to try to do it the best way.

Accessorize Accordingly

Sleeping on a plane is the same as sleeping in a busy, crowded place, so you definitely need to create a conducive environment for you to fall asleep. Accessories like the following can help:

A good eye mask and a pair of earplugs

These can help you block and shut out noise and light that can trick your body to fall asleep faster.

Neck pillow

Your sleep will continuously get disturbed if your head keeps bobbing up and down. A neck pillow worn the other way around can help support your neck so you can sleep better on a plane.

Get a Neck Pillow

A “comfort item”

Having a comfort item with you on a long-haul flight is also a good way to sleep on a plane in economy class. They can offer security and make you feel somewhat at home which can help you relax better and fall asleep faster.

A hat or hood

You might feel more comfortable sleeping with strangers around you if your face is covered. So pack something that can partially hide your face, may it be a baseball cap or a hooded jacket.


Having cold feet can prevent you from falling asleep on a flight. Unfortunately, blankets don’t do much to prevent your feet from getting cold. This is why wearing socks can be the best way to sleep in an airplane seat. If you’re prone to swelling, compression socks would be a better choice.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

If you’re not a celebrity who needs to be photographed nicely at the airport, you can forego the chicest street style outfit for something cozier. What you wear can help you get comfortable on the flight. And if you need to arrive at your destination looking smart and spiffy, you can just pack a change of clothes in your carry on and change on the plane.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Don’t Eat Too Much

Don’t stuff yourself with food during the flight. This can make you too uncomfortable to doze off and you might even end up worrying about having to relieve yourself in the restroom mid-flight. So if you want to eat, don’t overdo it if you want to sleep well on your flight.


To master how to sleep on a plane, planning accordingly and prioritizing your comfort will do wonders for you. If you got these techniques down to pat, you can make sure that your holiday won’t be ruined by a restless long-haul flight.

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