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    How to Prevent Wrinkles | No More Lines Under Eyes and Forehead Creases

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    It’s interesting how people have divided opinions when it comes to becoming wrinkly and old. Most folks aren't interested in how to prevent wrinkles as with age comes wisdom, others also don’t mind getting older except for the wrinkly part. You can get old while still looking young, so why advertise your age on your skin, right?

    full guide to prevent skin wrinkles

    Unfortunately, the fountain of youth is a myth so we just have to learn how to prevent wrinkles. This is already the best way to deal with this tell-tale sign of aging because as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Also, it’s harder to restore aging skin, so it’s better to just extend its youthful traits instead.

    How exactly can you prevent wrinkles? Let this guide help you.

    How To Prevent Wrinkles - 7 Effective Ways 

    Context is everything so we recommend you first learn about what causes wrinkles to help you better understand them. With these tips, you can reduce the signs of aging that will appear on your skin.

    Don’t smoke.

    As mentioned above, tobacco contains a lot of chemicals that are bad for your skin (not to mention your body). So it makes perfect sense that quitting smoking or avoiding the habit altogether is one of the best natural ways to prevent wrinkles.

    Eat a healthy diet.

    You might be tired of hearing this tip in every guide that is connected to your body but it’s really important to eat healthily if you want to avoid getting wrinkles. According to studies, a healthy diet is associated with less facial wrinkles in women.

    There’s little information in how this works but it can be easily assumed that a nutritious diet can help keep your skin healthy. This can then result in fewer wrinkles.

    With a healthy diet, you should also remember to ditch the alcohol. These beverages can dry out your skin and cause it to become undernourished. As a result, your skin will age faster. This is why kicking drinking to the curb is also one of the good ways to prevent wrinkles.

    Be adamant about protecting your skin from the sun.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 90% of visible signs of aging is caused by sun exposure. This is why a lot of dermatologists say that if there’s only one thing that you can do to prevent wrinkles, it should be wearing sunscreen.

    sunscreen products protect your skin from the sun

    With UV rays being one of the most damaging things to your skin, it’s crucial that you get ample protection against it. Fortunately, there are tons of great sunscreen products available in the market today.

    You also have options when it comes to what type of sunscreen to wear, depending on your skin type and conditions.

    It’s just really a matter of actually wearing the product and wearing enough of it. Some folks think that applying a pea-size amount on their face before they head out for the day is enough to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays. It’s not.

    You’ll need at least a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen for your face and about a shot glass full for all of the exposed parts of the body. It should also be reapplied every two hours or more often if you’re sweating or swimming. You’ll also need to wear it regularly, especially if you’ll be out in the sun, to completely protect your skin from sun damage.

    Take better care of your skin by using the right products to keep it in great shape.

    As aging basically causes your skin to deteriorate, making sure that it’s in excellent shape before things go downhill is certainly one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles. If you can achieve the best condition for your skin before any signs of aging show up, there’s a good chance that you can keep it that way for a long time.

    Because your skin is in a really good condition, it will take a while for the body to damage it from the inside. This can then delay the formation of lines and wrinkles.

    What are the products that you should use to keep your skin in superb shape? Here are a few essentials from the long list of items that you can choose from:

    1. Moisturizers

    Your skin contains a good amount of water which is why it’s soft and supple. However, it loses moisture due to various factors. This makes it crucial to replenish your skin’s moisture if you want it to be in excellent shape.

    Some people think, however, that moisturizing is enough to keep wrinkles at bay but does moisturizing really prevent wrinkles? According to some experts, this isn’t the case. Moisturizing can diminish the lines on your skin but it can’t completely eliminate wrinkles. This is why they’re more useful as a preventive measure against signs of aging.

    2. Serums

    When you really want to pack in moisture and nourishment to your skin, adding a serum to your routine is ideal. These products are designed to bring high concentrations of great ingredients to your skin. This is why they’re widely used to address skin woes.

    So if you have a skin problem that you want to deal with to achieve great skin, you can look for a serum that will help you address that very skin issue. Those who struggle with extremely dry skin can add a serum with highly moisturizing ingredients to their skin, for example.

    3. Exfoliants

    Exfoliating your skin is a must if you want to keep it clear and in great shape. This step will help you get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to renew and rejuvenate itself. As a result, you can keep your skin in excellent condition all the time.

    4. Eye Creams

    Most eye creams are considered as anti-aging products as most folks struggle with signs of aging on their periocular area. However, it wouldn’t hurt to use eye creams before you even see signs of aging as they can also help you pack in moisture in the most fragile area of your skin.

    5. SPF

    As mentioned above, protecting your skin from sun damage is possibly the best way to prevent wrinkles. This is why we believe that it bears repeating that you should wear sunscreen religiously.

    6. Gentle cleansers

    It’s highly likely that most of us made the mistake of using too harsh cleansers on our skin in our fight against acne. There’s nothing to be ashamed of that. But if you want to improve the quality of your skin, you should switch to a gentle cleanser instead.

    Cleansers are formulated to strip dirt, debris, and oil from the surface of your skin. The harsh ones are considered as such as they tend to dry out your skin completely. They completely strip off the natural oils from your skin which can also damage the natural barrier of your skin. This can result in your skin losing a lot more moisture than necessary, leaving your skin parched and damaged.

    Gentle but effective cleansers can also get the job of cleaning your skin effectively but without completely stripping your skin of its natural oils. They promise not to damage your moisture barrier and keep your skin in good shape.

    7. Cleansing oil

    Removing your makeup and cleaning your face before you go to bed is also a very important step in a good skincare routine. However, some makeup removers can also be too harsh on your skin. Cleaning oils, however, are great alternatives since they won’t dry your skin out.

    As they’re also made of special oils, these products can efficiently break down your makeup without having to strip them off from your skin. Even the best clear mascara which can be tricky to take off won’t stand a chance against the best cleansing oils. This makes them gentler and even better options for a lot of people.

    8. Essences vs. Toners

    Toners are deemed as essential skincare products as they can help restore the pH balance on your skin. They can also contain ingredients that will pick up what your cleanser wasn’t able to remove. However, some people believe that they’re too harsh to the skin.

    This is where essences come in. also referred to as skin softeners, they offer to restore the pH balance of your skin without stripping it of moisture. They also contain moisturizing ingredients to help plump up your skin further. It’s up to you which ones to choose as both can be beneficial in improving your skin quality.

    Give natural remedies a try.

    Aside from actual skincare products, you can also use natural ingredients to improve the quality of your skin. There are tons of anti-aging home remedies that you can try right now without even needing special ingredients. In fact, using coconut oil for wrinkles is a popular idea as this ingredient works wonders for a lot of people’s skin.

    Just a word of caution when trying a home remedy for wrinkles, though. Make sure that you’re not allergic to the ingredients you’re using. You don’t want to harm your skin when you’re trying your best to improve it.

    Start using anti-aging products before signs of aging begin to show up on your skin.

    To effectively prevent signs of aging, it’s best to use anti-aging products before you even start getting wrinkles. These products are not always made to just reduce wrinkles but they can also keep them from forming entirely.

    Some of the best products to prevent wrinkles include retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), antioxidants, and glycolic acid among many others.

    Timing Your Anti-Aging Efforts

    Note, however, that timing is key in preventing wrinkles. If you really want to keep your young skin and practically stop aging, you should do it right before age can do a number on your skin.

    According to some experts, you should start taking anti-aging measures the moment you enter your 20s. The steps you’ll make at this early age, however, won’t be the same as you get older.

    Ideally, the steps you’ll take in your early twenties would be to help protect your skin and prepare it for what will happen as you age. It’s when you should start building skincare habits that you’ll thank yourself later on.

    For example, it’s the best time to swap out your harsh cleanser with a mild, moisturizing one. Being gentler on your skin at this age will help you recover from the years of abuse your skin went through during your puberty.

    applying moisturizers and sunscreen should be regular part of your routine

    It’s also the best time to make removing your makeup before bed a habit. We also recommend applying moisturizers and sunscreen and regular exfoliation.

    By your mid-20s, be stricter in your anti-aging efforts. This is what the beauticians consider to be the  ‘tipping point’ and can determine if you’ll get premature wrinkles or not.

    This is why it’s also the best time for you to start wearing some anti-aging products like retinol. By loading up on great ingredients, you can help keep your skin in great shape, allowing it to stay young looking for longer.

    As you near the turn of the decade, you should then start getting serious about your anti-aging measures. You’ll need products that will plump up your skin and protect your skin barrier to keep it young looking. Keeping your skin nourished at this point is also a must, so make sure to be very particular about the ingredients of the products you use at this age.

    By paying close attention to your skin in your 20s, you’ll have a better fighting chance at preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging from showing on your skin.

    Avoid stress.

    A controversial tip that might also work for you is to avoid stress. The ageless Gabrielle Union shared that this is the thing she does to stay wrinkle-free in her 40s.

    Stress wrinkles may sound like a myth but they are certainly real. Not only will your stress hormones have an impact on your general health, including your skin. The facial expressions you’ll most likely make when you’re often stressed out might also create creases and deep lines on your skin. So if you want to keep your skin smooth and creaseless, then try avoiding stress.

    Sleep the right way.

    Sleep and wrinkles have a complicated relationship. Quality sleep can keep your skin in great condition but catching some zzz’s the wrong way can also cause wrinkles.

    How do you sleep the right way, then? Here are a few tricks:

    Don’t sleep on your stomach.

    Keep your face away from the pillow so your skin won’t get stretched, folded, and squished in your sleep. You can also use a wrinkle prevention pillow to make sure that you really won’t get wrinkles while you catch some shuteye.

    Wear sleep masks.

    Using a sleep mask to prevent wrinkles is also a good idea. Some say that these accessories can help improve the quality of your sleep as they can block out all the light from entering your eyes. This can then ensure a more relaxing and restful shuteye which can then boost the quality of your sleep. It can then help prevent wrinkles because you’ll get the rest you need to be in great shape.

    Work on the quality of your zzz’s.

    Your body repairs itself during your sleep, so it’s also very important that you get enough of it to give your body the time it needs to prepare you for the next day. This, of course, can affect the quality of your skin which is why experts say that beauty sleep is indeed, true.

    Prevention is Better Than Cure

    When it comes to wrinkles, prevention proves to be better than cure. Reversing the signs of aging can be a tricky and costly affair. It’s just wiser to work on keeping your skin in great shape for as long as you possibly can since it can also help you achieve other health benefits in the process. Keep our tips on how to prevent wrinkles in mind and you can enjoy an ageless appearance.

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