How to Prevent Snoring

    How to Prevent Snoring Immediately and Become a Better Partner in Bed

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    Did you know that about half of the entire population will be likely to snore in their sleep? Despite being a common “quirk”, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get rid of it, though. Aside from being a potential health risk, it can also easily affect your bed partner’s sleep. With sleep deprivation being a huge downer, it’s not surprising that there are studies proving that snoring can affect relationships.

    If you suspect that it’s your nighttime vocal acrobatics that’s affecting your love life, then you might want to learn a few tricks how to prevent snoring. By helping improve your bed partner’s sleep, you’ll also get to help boost their health and overall mood. As a result, your relations can also improve, creating a happier home life for the both of you.

    How to stop snoring naturally tonight? These tips will help you out.

    How to Prevent Snoring while Sleeping

    If your snoring is only caused by an obstruction in your nasal passages, these tips will teach you techniques how to prevent snoring naturally as soon as tonight.

    Sleep on Your Side

    For most people, sleeping on their backs trigger their snores. This is because the muscles at the back of the throat collapse and obstruct airflow. This obstruction then vibrates when air hits it, creating a sound that is best known as the snore.

    If you only snore when you sleep on your back, the solution is very straightforward. Tweaking the way you sleep to prevent snoring is the best way to make the annoying sound you make go away. It’s a highly recommended technique by experts, so you don’t have to worry about giving it a shot.

    Sleep on Your Side

    Use a Humidifier

    Dry air tends to irritate the air passages which can then cause the nasal tissues to swell. This can then cause snoring, so you might get relief from using a humidifier, especially on particularly dry evenings.

    Skip the Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

    Alcohol and antidepressants can also work as muscle relaxants that allow you to doze off faster. As a result, it can also relax the muscles at the back of your throat which can cause snoring. Because of these, avoiding alcohol consumption and taking sleeping pills can also be a good way how to stop snoring immediately.

    Keep Pillows Clean and Get New Ones when Necessary

    Snoring can also be a result of allergies. Because your pillows tend to be the closest things to your face while you sleep, there’s a good chance that an old pillow can be the very reason why you’re having allergic reactions.

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends washing them every six months and replacing their covers every so often. They also say that replacing them every one or two years can help ensure your good health and quality sleep.


    If you’re dehydrated, the mucus in your nasal passages tends to get thicker. This adds air blockage that results in snoring. Drinking lots of water during the day helps prevent this from happening.

    Stay Hydrated

    Use an Anti-Snoring Appliance

    With so many people making loud vocalizations when they sleep, it’s not surprising that there are now tons of different anti-snoring devices available. Most of them may look kooky, but there’s a good chance that some of them work. Just look for one that can help open up your nasal passages and you might just find the best sleep accessory that your bed partner will love.

    Long-Term Solutions that can Prevent Snoring

    If your snoring is caused by an underlying condition, these will help you deal with the problem entirely.

    See a Doctor

    Those who are not fortunate enough to have a quick fix for their snoring should see a doctor to give them recommendations on how to prevent snoring at night. Your physician can help you search for the underlying conditions that could be triggering your snores.

    Snoring may seem innocuous for some folks, but there are cases that it can be a symptom of something serious. It can be a sign or lead to a cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Both require immediate attention, so you should certainly see a doctor if you don’t see improvements despite your efforts in stopping yourself from snoring.

    Find Ways to Treat Nasal Conditions

    Treating irritations, allergies, and other nasal conditions that could be causing your snoring is also an effective way how to prevent loud snoring.

    Lose Weight

    Obesity and being overweight are also common reasons why people snore. Getting rid of the extra pounds will help make the bedtime nuisance go away.

    Stop Smoking

    Smoking or even just living with a smoker can also cause snoring. Experts theorize that the inflammation or irritation of the upper nasal airways caused by smoking triggers snoring. Some also say that the nicotine withdrawal in smokers during the night tends to cause snoring as well. So by ditching the habit, you can also stop snoring.

    Stop Smoking

    Use a CPAP

    If your snoring is caused by sleep apnea, you might find the use of a CPAP machine to help you stop snoring. This appliance provides Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy which is designed to help people with sleep apnea to breathe more easily while they sleep.

    Unfortunately, a CPAP mask can be quite uncomfortable to wear in bed. Some people end up not wearing them all throughout the night which defeats the purpose of using the machine. However, if you’ll be able to stick with it, it can be a good way to help you get rid of your snoring.

    Consider the Sleep Apnea Surgery

    Surgery is also an option worth exploring if nothing works on your sleep apnea. There are a few different kinds of surgeries to deal with the condition but they’re only considered as a last resort. You can still ask your doctor if this is an option that you can look into, however.


    Snoring may be a common, natural human flaw, but it’s not inconsequential. If you want to keep your relationship in great shape and ensure your good health, you should learn how to stop snoring permanently. These tips can be a good start in working on what can be your relationship issue, so make sure to try them out right away.

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