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The 10 Best Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever

Back fat is one of the biggest body issues faced by both men and women, especially during the summer season where clothes are more revealing.

While dropping the extra weight can be part of the solution, the ultimate problem-buster is regular strength training to shape and tone the back muscles.

The thing about back muscles is that they are often the most overlooked, since most people are only concerned about what they immediately see in the mirror – which is the front of the body. If you want to have a sexy back and get rid of back fat fast, then it is time to reorganize your training program.

With proper strengthening and toning exercises of back muscle region, you can achieve the results you want.

We have compiled a list of exercises that can help here at HealthyTop10s.  You can do these at home or at your favorite gym.

We recommend investing in dumbbells because of their versatility. If you are looking to exercise in the comfort of your home, these adjustable dumbbells are a great investment!

Lateral Raises

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

You can do this exercise both arms at a time or single-arm action. The primary area worked is the shoulder, but the exercise also works the muscles around the lower neck and upper rear of your back so it’s a fantastic exercise to do on a regular basis.

To do it as a single arm exercise, hold a weight with one hand, and let the other hold a sturdy object like a pole. Lift the weight up to shoulder height, and hold it for a moment before lowering your arm back down.

If you are doing both arms at the same time, simple start with your arms by your side and then slowly raise them until your arms are outstretched at the site to form a T shape with your body and arms. Gently lower the arms down to your sides and repeat this movement.


The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

This exercise builds endurance in your core. This keeps your lower back protected during activities that require movements in hips or back so whilst it doesn’t diretly work the back muscles, having a strong core allows you to be more safe and effective during your workouts.

Lie on either of your side, make sure that you maintain a straight line from head to feet, resting on your forearm. Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder. Have your abdominals gently contracted, then gently lift your hips off the ground. Make sure that your hips and neck maintain a line with your spine. Reach your top hand into the air and hold the position for a minute. Repeat steps in the other side.

Sideplank Dips

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Source: skinnyms.com

Side plank dips are another great core strengthening exercise to get you in the right overall shape for your back exercises and all exercises for that matter.

You can start by doing a side plank position with arm up in the air, drop your hip down to the floor then pull it back up making a straight line from head to feet. Repeat this steps. To make it more intense, you can try to hover your top leg in the air to activate your core and maintain a balance challenge.


The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Source: Popsugar.com.au

This exercise mainly works on your lower back.

Lie flat on your stomach. Palms flat, arms and legs extended on the floor. Slowly lift both your arms and legs few inches above the floor. Hold it for a moment and release it back down for 5 seconds. And repeat this step in 10-15 times.


The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Push-ups basically works on your chest but this actually works great on your lat muscles (upper sides of your back). When you lower yourself, these upper back muscles are activated so when doing push ups, be sure to focus on the downward movement and lower yourself gently.

Start this exercise by lying flat – face down on the floor, keep gaze in front of you. Use both of your arms to push your body upwards. Keep your back in line with your body and try to make a drop gently. If you wish to make it the impact lighter, place your knees on the ground to lessen the intensity.

Reverse Flyes

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

This exercise helps to firm your upper back and rear of the shoulders.

By holding your dumbbells in both hands, knees slightly bent. Pull your arms up and hold them straight in front of you.

​Hold your dumbbells in each hand and bend your knees slightly. Bring your arms up and hold them out straight in front of you, parallel to the ground. Move your arms backwards until your arms are straight out on both sides of you, then return forward. Do as many times as possible. This move is very difficult but strengthens your upper back.

​Back Extension

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

​Grab that stability ball and lay over the top, belly down. Put your hands behind your head as if you were doing a crunch. Perform a reverse crunch on your stability ball, pulling your upper body upwards towards the ceiling. Then dip your upper body down. Repeat 30 times. You get a full range of movement in your back and stomach muscles to burn back fat.

Dumbbell Rows

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Assume a plank position with your hands flat on the floor underneath you. Make sure your wrists are aligned underneath your shoulders, with your feet directly behind you at shoulder-width apart. Grab your weights and hold them in your hands where they were previously grounded. Balance yourself with your left hand and dumbbell and pull your elbow directly upwards, doing a row.

Dumbbell Press

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Roll your shoulders back and down to activate your abdominal muscles. Be sure to have a slight bend in your knees. Holding your dumbbells in your hands, bring your arms up to a goal-post position at 90 degrees. Push upwards, almost meeting your dumbbells above your head, and lower back down with control. Do 10 repetitions on each side. You will feel this in your shoulders and triceps.

Chin Ups

The 10 Best DIY Back Fat Burning Exercises Ever - No Gym Required!

Though very difficult to complete, chin ups are one of the most beneficial back workout moves. Hold onto the pull up bar with your hands either facing you or facing away. If you need extra support to lift yourself up, jump and hold your body weight in the air first, then proceed to pull yourself upwards. Aim towards 5 of these and slowly work your way up to 15.


A defined back is well worth the hard work. But with these workout positions, the work will be as easy as possible with fast results if you continue to practice them and add them into your daily routine.

If you are already experienced with these exercises or if you want to take them to the next level, consider adding resistance bands and using creatine supplements!

With all of these targeted moves to get rid of back fat, you will also be simultaneously burning fat throughout your entire body. By doing strength training with both your bodyweight and dumbbells, your metabolism will revved up and your excess body weight you’ve always wanted to lose will start to fall off.

The definitive guide to the 10 best ever exercises for getting rid of back fat for good. No gym required!

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