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Effective Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster

So, you've just had a bad haircut and you want to grow it out as fast as possible. While some are lucky enough to have that hair that grows fast and beautifully, some may not have the same luck. If you are among the latter, you would need to learn and do various ways on how to make your hair grow faster.

Want to know some real effective tips on how to grow hair faster? Read on and see what might work for you.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster

With the following tips, you can surely enjoy a beautiful and healthy long hair:

Get regular trims

This may sound ironic, but getting frequent trims can actually help make hair grow faster and thicker. How is that so?

Apparently, cutting your hair don't make it grow faster; but it does a lot in getting rid of split ends which can lead to hair losing its length as well as its volume and shine. Experts say that you should cut one-eighth of an inch every 10 weeks to prevent the occurrence of split ends.

Brush your hair gently and regularly

Give your hair a few brush strokes every night to distribute the scalp's oil evenly and make your hair stay moisturized. Doing this will help increase circulation leading to a healthier scalp.

However, take note that you should be extra careful when brushing your hair, for failing to do so can result in having small tangles, which can then lead to hair loss. To distribute your scalp's hair while being gentle on its strands, it is best to use a boar bristle brush. This tip may be really simple, but it can indeed make your hair grow faster and longer.

Brush Your Hair Gently

Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower

Cold water helps grow and keep hair healthy by preventing moisture loss, heat damage, and snags. It is one of the easiest tips to get your hair to grow faster, yet it can make a really big difference. It doesn't require a great amount of time and effort, and it is really worth the try.

Skip shampoo thrice or more times a week.

Shampoo washes away product buildup and dirt, but it can also remove the essential natural oils that make the hair soft and healthy. You should allow your hair to be hydrated and repair itself, and it will be possible if you only use shampoo two or three times a week. Just make sure not to allow for too much buildup as it can lead to various scalp problems.

Skip Shampoo

Condition your hair every time you shampoo

You need to condition your hair if it is wet. If you color your hair or do heat styling, it gets thinner. Using conditioner hells repair the damage and replace the proteins and lipids in your hair, and seal the cuticle; thus, preventing more damage and allowing your hair to grow long and healthy.

Skipping conditioner and not using shampoo each day are two common mistakes that many people commit. But as you have learned, you should actually do the opposite.

Eat the right food

Yes, having a proper diet is one of the greatest ways on how to grow your hair faster. What you can do is increase your protein intake; include beans, fish, and nuts in your diet. Take note women who lack protein experience more hair loss.

Meanwhile, experts also advise that you should avoid doing cleansing diets if you want to grow your hair faster. While these diets claim to be good for your body, it is actually not the case when it comes to your hair as it slows growth.

Try taking supplements

Alongside proper diet, you may also want to try taking hair-boosting supplements. Reality check: Even with a balanced diet, you may still not get the right amount of hair-building nutrients that you need. Just make sure to consult your doctor first to avoid adverse happenings.

Don't wrap your hair in a thick towel

What you think is a harmless habit could actually cause breakage and prevent your hair from growing fast and healthy, for the hair gets caught in the woven fibers. As for women, most of them wrap the towel too tight; therefore, the tiny strands around the face become more prone to breakage. It is best to use soft and thin microfiber hair towels.

Do Not Wrap Your Hair in a Thick Towel

Use a pillow case made from silk

Cotton cause friction that may lead to tangles and breakage, while silk does the opposite. As you know, less breakage results in longer and more beautiful hair.

Don't tie beached or dry hair

Doing so could give your hair a chemical cut. In this case, your hair breaks off where it is wrapped. Should you want your hair off your face or neck, it would be better to twist it into a bun and just clip it.

Be patient

Want to make hair grow faster overnight? Sorry, but that will not happen. While there are treatments that claim to help you make your hair grow faster in a day or promise to make your hair grow faster in a week, they can only make a slight change. You should be patient enough and not expect for unrealistic results.


"How to make my hair grow faster", "how to grow hair faster in a week or day", etc. — go online, search for these phrases, and you'll surely find numerous results. That is because many people are becoming more concerned about making their hair grow faster and more beautiful. Lots of factors cause hair damage and slow growth; hence this topic's popularity at present.

From the hair and household products you use to the diet you take, there are so many things you can do to make your hair grow long fast. But as you have learned and understand the details discussed above, everything boils down to keeping your hair healthy. Indeed, following the aforementioned tips will lead to your desired result. Just make sure to be disciplined and patient enough.

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