How to Clean Your Hairbrush and Comb

    How to Clean Your Hairbrush and Comb | Easy Home Tips with Baking Soda and Other Methods

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    Brushing and combing your hair on a daily basis is a must for keeping it clean, healthy, and presentable regardless of its length, style and color. But for this to be possible, a clean hair brush and comb is necessary since these can untangle the knots faster and smooth the strands better. There’s also the fact that a dirty hairbrush and comb can make your newly-washed scalp and hair dirtier by transferring its buildup of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells and it can be hard to clean them out if you don't have a self cleaning hairbrush which makes the process a lot easier. (Read more about them here)

    Even the top rated hair brushes and automatic hair curlers must be cleaned at least once a week because both will become dirty with use despite their quality materials and design. But if a weekly cleaning isn’t possible in your schedule, you can clean your brushes, combs and curlers at least once a month.

    There’s no excuse to avoid cleaning your hairbrush and comb either! You will find all of the tools to clean them are common items in your home and you will only spend 10-15 minutes on the task. You will also find that the steps how to clean your hairbrush and comb are easy-peasy. 

    Cleaning Hair Brush and Comb

    Steps in How to Clean Hair Comb

    Cleaning combs is a straightforward process since the detritus of daily use can easily be seen. First, gather the necessary tools for cleaning, namely:

    • A clean toothbrush
    • A pair of scissors
    • A pen or pick
    • 1 teaspoon baking soda
    • 1 teaspoon shampoo
    • A cup of warm water
    • A small bowl
    • A garbage bag or any container for the dirt removed from the comb

    Second, start cleaning the combs by applying the following steps:

    • Mix the warm water, baking soda, and shampoo in a small bowl. Set aside.
    • Remove the hair from the comb using the pen or pick. Cut off hairballs, if needed, with the scissors. Use your hands, if you feel more comfortable with them.
    • Throw the removed hair into the trash. Never throw hair into the sink or toilet bowl because it can cause clogged pipes.
    • Immerse the comb in the warm water mixture for a few minutes. This will lift the accumulated oils between the teeth of the comb and, thus, make them easier to remove.
    • Remove the comb from the mixture and start scrubbing between its teeth using a clean toothbrush. Check visually to ensure that the comb is clean on all sides.
    • Rinse the clean comb with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. 

    You can use other tools, too, such as another comb in removing hair from the comb to be cleaned.  You can make it a point to remove hair between the teeth of your comb after every use to make the cleaning process easier, too.  

     These steps how to clean a comb apply to all types, from the wide-toothed to the fine-toothed combs. You may have to adjust, however, the pressure applied when scrubbing between the comb’s teeth depending on the type of material and space between the teeth.
    Clean a Hair Comb

    Steps in How to Clean a Hairbrush

    The steps how to clean brushes have several similarities with those used in cleaning combs. In both hairbrushes and combs, the hair on their surfaces must first be removed and both require a shampoo bath. But there are also differences in the steps because of the differences in their overall design and materials used.

    • First, gather the necessary tools including:
    • A hair brush cleaner, or a regular comb, or a pick for hair removal
    • 1 teaspoon gentle shampoo
    • A cup of warm water
    • A bowl for mixing

    Second, start cleaning the hairbrush by applying these steps:

    • Remove the excess hair and dirt from the hairbrush using the cleaner, comb, or pick. If you’re using a comb, you should work the comb from the root to the top to remove as much hair as possible. You must also work around the brush so that every inch of the pad can be covered.
    • In a bowl, mix well the warm water and shampoo until a lather is created.
    • Immerse the hairbrush in the mixture for 10 minutes. This should be sufficient time to remove the accumulation of oils on the pad and bristles of the hairbrush. Don’t over-soak as the water can penetrate the interiors of the hairbrush resulting in increased risk of mold growth.
    • Remove the hairbrush, rinse with cold water until it’s completely clean, and let it dry overnight. 

    Can the surface and bristles of a hairbrush be scrubbed using a clean toothbrush? It depends on the material.

    If a hairbrush is made completely of plastic, among other non-porous materials, then it can be scrubbed since there’s no risk of moisture seeping into the material. If it’s made of a porous material, such as in the case of a boar bristle hairbrush, then it shouldn’t be scrubbed in any manner. The warm water soak will be enough to clean its pad and surface. 

    Soaking in a warm water-and-mild shampoo mixture is also the best way how to get dandruff out of brush. The mixture will loosen the accumulated dead skin cells and make it easier to remove either with scrubbing or with a cold water rinse.   

    In conclusion, the best way to clean hair brushes and combs is in your hands! You have to be diligent in cleaning these tools on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as needed, so that you can also get the best value for your money (i.e., longevity in use). 

    Clean a Hair Brush

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