How to Blow Dry Your Hair

    How to Blow Dry Your Hair for Volume | Tips for Straight and Curly!

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    There are different methods of blow drying your hair. The methods are different for long hair, short hair, fine hair, and curly hair. While there are many ways to blow dry your hair depending on the hair type and texture you seek, we will focus on four major hair types here.

    Before we talk about how to blow dry your hair, let’s look at some blow drying mistakes that we often make!

    Blow-Dry Mistakes Women Make Often

    If you’re like most women, you probably mak​e the same blow dry mistake we all do – which is to blast your hair till it’s no longer wet anymore. But what is the proper way to blow dry your hair? Let’s look at some of the mistakes below and how to solve them.

    Not Enough Lift

    In order to end up leaving the salon with more, use your hands to comb the roots of your hair up and then blow-dry. This will give you some lift and volume and will also allow you get close to the roots.

    Hair is Too Wet

    This is one of the mistakes that women make often. Your hair shouldn’t be dripping wet when you blow dry it. Towel dry your hair quickly.

    If you’ve washed your hair, dry your hair correctly using your hands for a bit and then apply the brush to comb the roots. Your hair should be about 50 to 60% dry before you start blow drying. Stop making this mistake if you do.

    Starting Wrong

    Starting at the wrong place is another problem women face with blow drying. The wrong way is to use a brush to wrap around your hair and then blow drying it with heat.

    The right way is to use a round brush at the roots, roll it down to the ends and then take it back again to the roots. Once you do this, you can then blow dry that area, starting with the hairline first.

    This ensures that your roots and hair midway gets dry first before you then start to roll the ends on the brush.

    Using the Products Correctly

    When it comes to using products for our hair, we then to use them lavishly without caution. The idea is to use the right amount at the right place, the right way.

    If you want to add a lot of hair products to your hair, you need to start from the roots and not the ends. The ends will pull your hair down. If you’re going for a hairspray, you should spray from a distance so there is even distribution without it necessarily building up to one area.

    Right Brush

    The bigger the brush, the smoother the hair will be. Brushes with metal features in the middle or with a metal core should be avoided because they tend to heat up.

    This kind of brush provides the smooth look but it’s better to avoid these to reduce the damage it can cause to your hair. Boar and nylon bristle brushes are best suited for coarse hair as they provide a lot of tension for a smooth pull unlike brushes with a metal core.

    Giving your Hair Time

    Women need to stop brushing and drying their hair at the same time. You need to let it cool down once you brush it before moving to the next agenda. This will actually allow your hair to chill and then set.

    You will have that post-salon hair that you crave for if you give it more time before you blow dry it and if you’re always on the road and don’t have time to visit the salon, you might want to go for a travel blow dryer.

    How to Blow Dry Long Hair

    When blow drying long hair, the goal is to blow dry for volume and smoothness. Knowing the right way on how to blow dry your hair fast would go a long way in helping you create meaningful styles with your long hair.


    The first thing you do here is to prep your hair for blow drying by rubbing some few drops of smoothing serum on your damp hair. You’ll rub it on your palms and then run it down your hair.

    Use a smart comb to distribute the serum evenly around your hair and then begin pre-drying your hair on a medium heat and high-speed setting on the dryer. Occasionally, use your hands to massage your hair at the roots and secure the top layers with clips to hold it in place.


    Bring out the nozzle and attach it to your dryer. increase the heat coming out from the dryer as well as the speed of the airflow. The heat is what you need to shape your hair but you don’t want it to get too much.

    Start drying from the back, go in small pieces. Start small with manageable sections of your hair. Use a brush as you dry, preferably a large round brush to create a fuller appearance of your hair.

    As we explained above in the mistakes women make while drying, drying should start from the roots before moving to the ends. Take your brush and dryer together. Keep the airflow coming out from the dyer angled towards the ends so the cuticles can fall flat, lock down the style and make your hair shinier.


    To style your hair, roll the layers forward with your brush as you dry. Keep the brush and your hair close always to ensure that sleek effect. Once your hair is dry to touch, blast it with cool air and set the style in place.

    Importance of Pre-drying Your Hair

    For the best styling, it is always better you pre-dry your hair first. Don’t start drying your hair when it’s all wet. always pre-dry a bit before you begin the styling process. Trying to style a wet hair is a waste of time and it won’t get you anywhere.

    Blot the hair with a towel, preferably an absorbent towel which you can wrap it with or let it air dry for as long as possible to remove excess water. Styling should only be attempted when the hair is about 70% dry. But sometimes, your hair might be so dry that you need to steam it.

    Is Blow Drying Your Hair Bad?

    Blow drying your hair at high temperatures can damage your hair. That’s why it is best if you let it dry naturally, but if you have long or thick hair it can take more than hour. When blow drying your hair be sure to use a moderate heat (medium setting, not high) so that it can effectively dry your hair without damaging the particles.

    It is particularly bad if you bleached or colored hair as it can affect the color and cause your hair to get brittle and weak.

    How to Blow Dry Short Hair

    There’s nothing sexier than a young woman with a short hair that is full of texture. Natural texture styles have made styling shorter hair less time consuming and applicable to a lot of women. Among the tools to use here includes a ceramic brush, blow dryer for natural hairr and a pomade.

    So how do you style your newly cut lob to bring out that gorgeous look?


    The first stage is to prepare the ingredients that will be used to style your hair. You’ll need some styling cream and extra hold gel.

    This is needed to get that soft touchable texture that won’t fall flat when you’re outside. Mix together a little amount of styling cream and a nickel-size amount of the extra hold gel.


    Here, you have to set a new setting for your blow dryer. The aim is to direct the airflow from the dryer to the roots in order to lift the cuticles.

    Set the speed of the dryer to medium and the heat setting to medium as well and then begin to twist one-inch a section at a time. Focus the airflow in the direction that you want your hair to go.

    Dry Properly

    Focus the air from the dryer on the roots so it can support the hair. Roots should be dried first here by giving it lifts and volume. From the roots, move slowly to the head and when this is completely dry, you can begin to style the sections gradually.

    Start with the sections around your face by using a small ceramic brush that is round. A ceramic brush is recommended over wooden or plastic brushes due to its heat retention capabilities. Also, use the brush to dry the ends of the hair out.


    Take a dime size amount of pomade and rub it together with your palms in order to make it less stiff and easy to use. Use one of your fingers to pinch the pomade onto ends of small sections on your hair. Use these little quantities to define layers and give your styles a major hold.

    How to Blow Dry Fine Hair

    The goal here is to get a thicker and fuller hair with more volume. Knowing how to blow dry your hair for volume will help you when you have fine hair.

    Let’s look at the following steps involved in blow drying a fine hair before we check out the best volumizing cuts and hairstyles for fine hair.


    In order to get more length and volume with your hair, you will need a large amount of volumizing mousse. Rub this between your hands and then rub it through your hair. Make sure the hair has been towel-dried beginning from the roots to the ends. ​

    Then pre-dry the hair with a medium heat setting and high speed so it becomes slightly damp. Then place three Velcro rollers beneath the top layers of your hair, then roll them onto the Velcro rollers and spritz your roots with a spray to lift the roots up.


    Bring out your dryer and attach the concentrator nozzle to it. This will allow you direct the airflow to the ends so you can style your hair. Set the speed setting to low speed for the lower layers while the heat setting should be set to the highest setting.


    Bring out a round ceramic brush which has heat retention capabilities to give the root section a life. Blast it with heat and then roll it over the ends on the brush while keeping the focus of the dryer on the brush.

    Work on these lower layers first until they are completely dry. Once they are all dried out, then you can switch to the top layers. Put the focus of your blow dryer on the Velcro rollers at specific intervals while you style.


    When the hair rolled into the Velcro rollers have been dried – you can touch them to have a feel, use your fingers to lift them and style your hair. Don’t use the ceramic brush here, gently tousle your hair with your fingers. then finally, shape your hair with cool air from the dryer and lock in the shape with a spritz of light spray.

    How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

    The goal with curly hair is to get a touchable, well-formed curls that can be shaped as you desire.


    The first thing to do is to give your curls direction while they are wet. Use a curl enhancing product on your hair combined with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the curl product from the roots to the ends.

    Remember, you want to give your curls direction while they are wet and let it lock in once they are dry. Start twisting sections of your hair from the scalp to the ends to create a more uniform and smooth curl.


    This stage is equally as important in gett​ing you those well-formed curls and waves. Attach a diffuser to your dryer and dry your hair by cupping and lifting them at the ends with your hands.

    Ensure you use a blow dryer meant for curly hair. You have to be gentle with your hair at this stage since you already have the curl enhancing product in place. Don’t squeeze the hair as these would break up the curls.

    The dryer setting you need here is a medium to high heat setting and a low speed. The aim of this is to dry your hair into a natural and frizz free curl pattern.


    Touch sections of your hair to know if the hair has been dried to touch. If it has, flip your hair and massage the roots in a circular motion as you continue to dry it with your blow dryer.

    The aim of this technique is to lift the crown while loosening the twisted curls. Once it is finally dried up, blast your hair with cool air to set the curls.

    Then, rub a pint size of pomade in between your hands and use it to gently sweep through your hair touching the roots to the ends generously with it. This will make the curls softer and will create natural and well-formed curls and waves.

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