How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

    How to Apply Fake Eyelashes | Do It Yourself, Step by Step Tutorial

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    Did you know that fake eyelashes became a mainstream beauty product in the 1960s? Twiggy, the 1960s supermodel, was instrumental in its explosion in popularity then while the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian continue the modern tradition. The best thing about these products – you can apply them on your own at home so you can save on the professional salon fees!

    So how do you apply fake eyelashes, especially if you’re a greenhorn in it? Read on and find out the proper way of choosing them, as well as in applying them to your eyelids, curling them, and applying mascara to them. You may also watch how to apply fake eyelashes tutorial but we will get into the nitty-gritty details here.

    Always Follow the Directions

    In our tutorial on how to apply fake eyelashes, the step-by-step instructions must be followed to the letter for two reasons. First, their incorrect application can increase the risk of eye infection and injury, such as when the synthetic fiber irritates your eyeballs. Second, the fake eyelashes can be misaligned against the natural eyelashes resulting in less than the beautiful look expected. 

    But when you follow our tutorial on how to apply eyelashes step by step, your thin and small eyelashes will be more fabulous! You can literally bat your eyelashes and get the positive attention you deserve.

    Directions to Apply Fake Eyelashes

    Make the Right Choice in Fake Eyelashes

    The choice between strip and individual fake lashes largely depends on your own expertise in their application. If you are an experienced user, such as a makeup artist, then individual lashes are your best choice. Individual lashes are also great for creating different lengths across the eyelids and for a natural eyelash effect. 

    If you’re a novice in fake lashes, then full strips are your best choice. You can more easily and quickly apply a full strip to each eyelid than apply several strips at a time.  You may then keep the following steps in how to apply fake eyelashes for beginners and those of you that use the best drugstore makeup cause you're on a budget but still want to look beautiful.

    There’s also the matter of choosing fake lashes based on the shape of your eyes. The following general rules apply although you can also experiment.

    • Deep-set eyes – Long lashes with dramatic shape will emphasize the doll-like proportions of your eyes
    • Almond eyes – Lashes with crisscross design on the strip will create a voluminous effect
    • Round eyes – Wispy and winged lashes can create an almond-like shape (i.e., cat’s eye)
    • Monolids – Less dense lashes yet with slightly fluffy look can create a lusher look without sticking too far out of the eyelid
    • Hooded eyes – Lashes with a tapering design, or longest at the center tapering to shorter ends at the sides, will create the illusion of more depth
    Fake Eyelashes

    Before applying fake lashes, these should ideally be trimmed first since these may be slightly longer or wider for your eyes.  Otherwise, their synthetic fiber can cause irritation to your skin and eyes, as well as result in an unnatural look. Here are a few tips to properly align fake eyelashes: 

    Stand in front of a well-lighted mirror.

    1. Place the lash packaging below your eyes so that you can determine which is for the right and left eyes.
    2. Take the right lash out of its packaging. Always peel from its outer edge using either your clean fingers or a pair of clean tweezers.
    3. Press it over your right eye’s natural lashes and note the length over which it hangs over the edge.
    4. Remove it from your eye before cutting.
    5. Use a smack pair of scissors in cutting off the extra length.
    6. Cut so that the lashes have a slightly tapered look – usually, longest on your eyes’ outside corner, shortest on the insider corner, mid-length in the center.
    7. Do the same for the left lash.

    When you are satisfied with their length, you can then easily apply fake eyelashes with the following steps: 

    1. Get the trimmed right lashes from its packaging.
    2. Apply eyelashes with glue but limit it to a thin layer along their vein from corner to corner.  Do the double adhesive technique – dotting a thin layer on both the lashes and your natural lash line, if you want a long-lasting application.
    3. Wait for a few seconds until the clear glue turns blue or it already feels tacky to your touch.
    4. Keep in mind to place the falsies where your natural eyelashes’ bulky part begins.
    5. Look down but keep your eyes open as much as possible.
    6. Press the false lashes against your natural lash line from the inner corner to the center and outer edge.
    7. Adjust the falsies after laying them flat so that there isn’t a strip of skin between your natural and false lashes.
    8. Repeat the procedure for the trimmed left lashes.

    Never place your falsies on top of your natural eyelashes. You may pluck off the latter when you remove the former.

    Applied Fake Eyelashes

    Choose the Correct Fake Eyelash Glue

    Before you put on fake eyelashes with glue, you have to choose the right glue in the first place.  There are two choices:

    • Clear glue for light-colored fake lashes or for feather lashes.
    • Dark glue for thick black lashes, or for achieving a darker lash line, or for pairing with smoky eye makeup. 

    Again, only dot a thin line on the falsies using the adhesive applicator, wait for a few seconds to let it dry a bit, and press on your eyelid for a proper fit.  Even when you apply false eyelashes for the first time, you shouldn’t get this step wrong because of its simplicity.

    If you get eyelash glue in eye, we've got a few methods to remove it. If you're interested in glue alternatives, read What can I use instead of eyelash glue?

    Curl Your Fake Eyelashes

    Fake eyelashes can also be curled using the best eyelash curlers to make them appear fuller. 

    • Place your fake lashes and allow its flue to become thoroughly dry first.
    • Place the open eyelash corner close to the base of the fake lashes so that both your natural and fake lashes are inside it.
    • Gently squeeze the curler’s handle for 10-15 seconds.
    • Open it but move it halfway up towards the lash section.
    • Close it again on the lashes and hold for 10-15 seconds.
    • Do on the other side.
    Curling Fake Eyelashes

    Apply Mascara to Fake Eyelashes

    After putting on fake eyelashes, you should read mascara vs no mascara debate and then take a look at our choice of the best mascaras

    • Curl your natural and fake lashes.
    • Brush the lashes for a smoother application.
    • Apply only a light coating of mascara on your fake lashes.
    • Learn how to use clear mascara.

    With these steps, you can now apply fake eyelashes yourself – and it isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be!

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