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Large, bouncy curls or cute little ringlets are easy when you have the right tool. There are a number of styling products, blow dryers, and curling tools you can use. Among the most convenient for beginners are hot rollers since you don’t need skill or a technique to use them. Just follow the instructions in heating up the rollers, attach them to your hair, give it some time to set, and then remove the rollers and you have lovely curly hair for the day.

If you want to be sure to buy the best hot roller for your needs, take a look at this buying guide and choose from the top products in this list.

Number of Rollers
Our Rating
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Ionic 30-Roller Hairsetter

30 variable sized rollers
Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter

6 petite,
6 small, 6 medium,
6 large, and 6 jumbo rollers
Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

12 long style rollers
Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers

Four 3/4-inch and eight 1 1/2-inch jumbo rollers
Goody Satin Pillowsoft Rollers

6 large and 10 small satin rollers
John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves Jumbo Rollers

5 jumbo rollers
T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers Luxe Hair Roller

8 velvet flocked rollers
Remington Studio Silk Ceramic Heated Hair Roller

20 rollers
Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

6 one-inch rollers
Revlon Perfect Heat Cascading Curls Hair-Setter

6 large, 6 medium, and 6 small rollers

Buying Guide:

– Roller material

The material and technology utilized for hot rollers can usually be classified into three: wax, sponge or foam, and ceramic. Wax rollers are able to retain heat for a longer time and can also help the curl hold longer. If you have coarse hair that’s challenging to curl and keep curled throughout the day, wax rollers are a good option for you. Meanwhile, sponge or foam rollers are able to heat up in a few minutes and set curls in little time thanks to their steam technology. Delicate hair will do better with foam rollers since they can curl hair with less risk of damage. The most popular type of rollers is made of ceramic. This technology uses ionic conditioning and infrared heat to set the curl, and make the hair shiny and frizz-free.

– Ribbed versus flocked rollers

Traditional rollers are the ribbed kind. The ribs all around the roller hold the hair in place with the remainder of the hair resting in between the ribs while the curl is setting. This makes it easier to remove them from the hair without ruining your hairstyle. Flocked rollers utilize a soft and smooth material that’s covering the entire roller. It’s this material that grips the hair and keeps it from slipping. When using flocked rollers, the hair is usually wound several times around the roller.

– Your hair’s texture

Your type of hair should also be considered especially when checking the heat settings of the roller. Finer, thinner hair won’t need a high temperature or longer heating time as too much heat will damage the strands. As for thicker hair, although coarse hair requires moderate to higher heat settings in order for the curls to set and for the curl to keep its form for hours, you also need to avoid excessive heat to prevent damage. Whatever type of hair you have, it’s best to find rollers that allow you to adjust the temperature and heat. Make sure you have a hair steamer around to help heal and rejuvenate your hair if anything happens (or if you just want healthy hair)!

Top 10 Hot Rollers:

1. Babyliss Pro Professional Nano Titanium Ionic 30-Roller Hairsetter

The Babyliss Pro Professional Nano Titanium Ionic 30-Roller Hairsetter offers enough rollers in different sizes for more hairstyles and to suit different hair textures. There are 8 jumbo rollers, 8 large, 8 medium and 6 small rollers. These rollers use ceramic technology with nano titanium material to eliminate frizz and make the hair glossy as well. Also included in this set are 15 butterfly clips to grip the hair firmly.

2. Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30 Rollers

Best for steam technology that quickly produces nice curls, the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30 Rollers is also able to keep your hair away from extreme heat and damage. If you have thin to moderately dense hair, these rollers only need less than 10 minutes and you can have beautiful curls or waves that last for hours. This set comes with 30 foam rollers in multiple sizes to give you more varied hairstyles.

3. Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Long Style Set 12 Base

Another top quality roller is the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Long Style Set. The combined ceramic and ionic technology in these rollers curls hair well and gives it an excellent shine. The 12 rollers are of a longer size to match most hair types even longer and more voluminous hair. Using these rollers is also quick and easy since heating time takes only three minutes. They’re compact and more portable than other products as well so you can take the set with you even when you travel.

4. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter With Super Clips

The Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter With Super Clips can give wonderful curls to all hair types, thin or thick. These hot rollers are definitely large and they use ceramic technology to ensure the reduction of frizz while adding shine. Results can be seen in 10 minutes, plus this set comes with clips to keep your hair steady as it sets.

5. Goody Mosaic Satin Pillow Rollers 16ct

Using foam technology, the Goody Mosaic Satin Pillow Rollers curls your hair gently but effectively. These rollers are perfect for letting your hair style in the utmost comfort as you sleep. They’re one of the easiest to use since you just need to wind your hair around the cushioned center and then tie the ends of the roller together. They can also be used safely on most hair types, including damaged hair.

6. John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves 5 2-inch Jumbo Rollers

The John Frieda Body & Shine Smooth Waves 5 2-inch Jumbo Rollers make use of ceramic and ionic conditioning to create waves or curls with shine. These 5 extra-large rollers have one of the quickest heating times, in as little as two minutes, the rollers are ready for use. Another great feature of this roller set is that the temperature can be controlled with three settings to choose from. Aside from that, five butterfly clips are included.

7. T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers
Price: $119.00
Price Disclaimer

With the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers, creating large curls is a cinch. Using both ceramic and tourmaline technology, your hair enjoys longer-lasting curls with no frizz problems. There are eight rollers available, four in 1.75 inches and another four in 1.5 inches. In addition to that, this set takes only three minutes to heat up. Since these are flocked rollers, the velvet surface keeps your hair fixed as it sets.

8. Remington Tstudio Luxe Setter

One of the brands praised for their hair care products is Remington and their Remington Tstudio Luxe Setter is another crowd-pleaser. There are 20 foam rollers that are also elegantly designed, with 8 medium-sized 1 inch rollers and 12 large 1.25 inch rollers. These rollers use ceramic technology to heat up to a decently high temperature, enough to curl even moderately thick hair. All you need are a couple of minutes to heat the rollers and five minutes to set your hair.

9. Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System

What’s unique about the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium Hot Roller System is its innovative technology which heats up in seconds to give you instantly ready for use rollers. That beats the rest when it comes to heating time. There are six rollers in 1-inch sizes together with sturdy clips. The temperature can also be conveniently controlled to higher settings for thicker hair and lower settings for fine hair.

10. Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter

Hair care experts Revlon have developed another first rate product with their Revlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional Hairsetter. The ceramic technology in the rollers heat and curl hair effectively, removing frizz and providing luster at the same time. The 20 rollers are divided into three sizes so you can opt for different hair styles. It’s also a good option for most hair textures. The rollers are easy to use as well, with cool ends to lessen the risk of burning your fingers.

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