Foods to Avoid for Oily Skin

    Foods to Avoid for Oily Skin: Diet Tips to Prevent Acne Breakouts

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    Researchers may have disputed the beliefs that diet has a lot to do with a person’s skin type but recent studies show otherwise. While it can be a stressful revelation since it goes to show that you can be blamed for your greasy skin, it’s also a good thing because it means you can do something about it. Discovering which foods to avoid for oily skin can help you better combat your skin woes, but keep in mind you'll also want to use the right hand moisturizers and foot lotions to make sure you're not adding more unnecessary oils.

    So what exactly are the foods that are bad for your skin? Listed below are some of the most popular ones that you might want to remove from your diet.

    Foods to Avoid if You Have Oily Skin


    If you’ve been doing your homework and trying to learn more about your oily skin and acne, you’ll know that a lot of people swear by cutting out dairy products from their diet. There are countless accounts of how kicking dairy out has helped people improve their skin.

    According to studies, the hormones that can be found in dairy products can have a negative impact on a human body. Some are even artificial so you can’t easily process and digest those. This can then trigger an acne breakout.

    While acne and oily skin isn’t the same thing, almost everyone with oily skin suffers from acne. The latter is actually worse, so if it can be prevented, many would take great measures to do so. If dairy is one of the few foods to avoid for acne, it might just be the easiest to cut out of your diet.

    Avoid Dairy


    Another popular item on the list of foods to avoid for acne and oily skin is alcohol. It’s consumption often leads to dehydration so it can also dry out your skin. This can then force your skin to up its oil production to compensate for the dryness. As a result, your skin will be oilier than before.

    Regular consumption of alcohol is also a common acne trigger as it can lead to poor hygiene, sweating, and craving for greasy foods. All of these can clog your pores and cause a breakout.

    Refined Carbohydrates

    As most people will know, a lot of different types of carbohydrates are not really good for you.

    Simple or refined carbohydrates are best examples of foods to avoid with acne because they cause rapid spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels.

    Research found that this leads to increased oil production in your skin. Who knew, right? This also leads to acne breakouts, so it’s just better to avoid them altogether.

    Fried and Fatty Foods

    Oil is one of the trickiest things when it comes to managing oily skin. The right types will let you fight oil with oil but if you want to deal with your greasy skin from the inside, you should control your oil consumption by avoiding fried and fatty foods.

    By indulging in a serving or two of greasy food, your digestion will slow down. This can then make it difficult for your system to get rid of the waste you’ve taken in. Such elements can then wreak havoc in your system before your defenses can do anything to stop them. This usually results in breakouts and oilier skin.

    Items rich in trans and saturated fats are also examples of foods to avoid for greasy skin because they’re highly inflammatory. They will lead to breakouts, so you should avoid consuming them.

    Avoid Fried and Fatty Foods


    Sugar, in general, is a very unhealthy food item. Experts recommend limiting its intake for better health. This is why it also shouldn’t be too surprising that it can also affect your skin. There’s even what they call a ‘sugar face’ which refers to one’s face looking older if they consume a lot of sugar.

    Experts support this theory. Apparently, consuming sugar has a lot of bad effects on the skin. It makes you look older because it breaks down collagen. It also clogs and enlarges pores as well as makes your skin oilier because it increases testosterone. Then there’s also the fact that it can spike your blood sugar levels, so it can definitely make your skin oilier.

    These are the very reasons why processed sugars should be cut down to a bare minimum. You should also be wary of sugary fruits and veggies.

    Is chocolate bad for your skin, then? Milk chocolate definitely is. With its combination of dairy and sugar, it can certainly wreak havoc on your skin. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, is quite safe if it’s made of good quality. It won’t have dairy and sugar but it will contain antioxidants so it shouldn’t break you out.


    Last but definitely not the least in this list of the foods to avoid with acne is salt. While sea salt can be an effective topical treatment for acne breakouts, consuming it can be bad for your oily skin.

    Why? Because salt tends to dehydrate you. When you eat salty foods, it dries you up, especially your skin. And when your skin is dry, it gets oilier as the body tries to compensate for the dryness. The skin will resort to overproducing oil to moisturize the skin which will leave you with a greasier face.

    What Should You Eat Instead?

    Now that you know what foods to avoid for oily skin, you might also want to know what foods to eat to reduce oily skin. Here are a few examples of foods good for acne that can also benefit your oily skin:

    • Cucumber for their high water content. They’re also low in calorie, making them amazing snacks.
    • Whole grains for their anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Eating nuts for acne might surprise you but it actually works. Just make sure to opt for the roasted, unsweetened variety and eat in moderation.
    • Avocados for their good fats which will moisturize and nourish your skin.
    • Green vegetables for their rich fiber and zero oil content as they can help regulate oil production.
    • Bananas for their vitamin E, potassium, and phosphates that are also amazing detoxifiers.

    These are just a few of the best foods that can prevent acne and curb your skin’s oiliness. Add these and cut out the bad ingredients mentioned above and you’re sure to see great improvements on your skin. You might just end up surprised that you already have clear enough skin that you’ll only need the best bb creams for oily skin instead of full coverage foundations.

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