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    Clear Mascara Uses | Make Your Eyelashes Transparent And Lush

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    Clear mascara may not be as commonly used as colored mascara (e.g., brown or black) but it should still be part of your makeup kit. There’s a wide range of clear mascara uses that will still surprise even a makeup fan, from separating the lashes to brightening the eyes.

    But it isn’t just about appearances either! Clear mascara contains ingredients that moisturize and condition the eyelashes. Besides, there’s also the fact that even the best airbrush makeup applied on your face will be better with a few coats of gel mascara.

    What Is Clear Mascara For?

    At its basic level, a clear gel mascara acts like its colored counterpart but obviously without the color (i.e., pigment). When properly applied on the eyelashes, separates and defines them so that these appear thicker, longer and lusher. Many makeup fans also use it to accentuate the sparkle in their eyes without using colored mascara, especially with a no-makeup makeup look.  

    Keep in mind, however, that clear mascara only creates the illusion of volume and length to the eyelashes. If you want more volume and length, perhaps a deeper or different color in your eyelashes, you are better off using fake eyelashes and/or colored mascara.

    Purpose of Clear Mascara

    But what does clear mascara do actually, you may ask further? If you want to accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes without the time, energy and effort required in wearing fake eyelashes and eye makeup, then it’s your best bet.

    clear mascara can make your eyes look natural and beautiful

    You can use clear mascara with a tinted lip balm, a BB cream, and face powder, a combination that makes for an effortless no-makeup look. You will spend just a couple of minutes, too, on your makeup routine yet still come out looking and feeling beautiful.  Think of the woke-up-like-this Instagram shot with clear mascara being your only eye makeup.

    Clear mascara is also great for your bottom lashes. Of course, it’s a great idea to have jet-black top and bottom lashes, especially when you’re going for the full-on glamour look. But for a clean yet sleek look without the tiny dots and smudges under your eyes, clear mascara it is.

    Clear Mascara Before and After

    There may not seem like a significant difference in a clear mascara before-after comparison because of the absence of coloring pigments. But when you take a closer look at your eyelashes, you will observe a big difference in their volume and length, as well as in their apparent sparkle. Even your eyes seem to have a brighter sparkle to them!

    your eyes seem to be sparkle after applying clear mascara

    But like colored mascara, there’s an art in applying clear mascara – it isn’t just swipe, swipe and swipe again. First, you have to plump your lashes by curling and priming them. After curling them from the base, apply the clear mascara, pat pressed powder on them, and apply another coat; the powder creates the illusion of thicker lashes and keeps the mascara in place.  

    Second, apply clear mascara using a flat-edged brush, which will allow for a smoother application. The mascara will also not smudge or clump even when applied to the sparser lower lashes.  

    Just be sure to keep the best makeup remover wipes on hand in case you miss the target, so to speak. You don’t want a slightly sticky substance on your skin even when it made your eyelashes look more luscious.  

    Does Clear Mascara Work?

    Yes, transparent mascara works just as well as colored mascara in separating, defining and lengthening your eyelashes. Even their techniques in application for best results are the same.

    Multiple Clear Mascara Uses

    The wide range of clear mascara uses make it a must-have item in your makeup kit! Whenever you have a beauty emergency, you should consider what it can do and, in the process, get your money’s worth.

    • Tame your eyebrows

    In a pinch, clear mascara can become your brow gel that tames your unruly eyebrows. Comb clear mascara through your eyebrows in an upward motion until the small hairs are in perfect position. Stop using hair gel, which has a thicker consistency than mascara gel, on your eyebrows and you will see the difference.

    • Substitute for hair gel

    Before you raise your eyebrows, think about it – clear mascara has a finer consistency than hair gel yet still have its gel-like property. Clear mascara is a clever way of keeping fine baby hairs along your hairline in place without the sticky feeling on your forehead skin. Just place a sufficient amount of clear mascara on the applicator, apply it to your baby hairs, and pat them in place.  

    Ladies, your guys can also use clear mascara on their beards and moustaches! It’s definitely better than using pomade or hair gel, too.

    • Primer for mascara

    Why not use clear mascara to accentuate your dramatic eyelashes? Think of it as your primer for regular colored mascara just as you would use a primer before foundation.

    Curl your eyelashes first and apply a single coat of mascara, which will separate, define and lengthen your eyelashes in preparation for regular mascara. Then, apply two coats of colored mascara for bigger and bolder eyelashes sans the clumps of color usually present in layers of mascara. Pat pressed powder on your lashes, too, to set the layers of mascara in place.  

    • Set your false eyelashes

    Instead of using colored mascara to initially comb and blend your false and natural eyelashes together, use clear mascara. The clear gel formula makes it easier to blend the two together yet also separate their individual hairs.  

    You will also get more natural-looking eyelashes with clear mascara. For everyday wear, applying black- or brown-colored mascara on false eyelashes can look over the top, nearly Kim Kardashian-like.  

    • Intensify the shine of your eyelashes

    Even if colored mascara already has wax for shine, it may not be enough. You can then use clear mascara as a top coat that will make your eyelashes brighter, as well as keep your colored mascara from smudging (i.e., set the color in place).  

    As previously mentioned, you can also use clear mascara for a lighter daytime look. You will still have longer and lusher eyelashes without the running, smudging and clumping. You can use it on days when you don’t have time for a full-on makeup or you’re going for the no-makeup look, such as when on the beach.  

    Teenagers also love clear mascara because it’s age-appropriate. It acts like regular mascara so they feel sophisticated yet it doesn’t come with the drama of mascaraed lashes.  Pair it with a statement lipstick, such as one in a bright, bold matte shade, for a head-turning look.

    • Seal in your eyeliner

    Use an angled mascara brush when using clear mascara as a sealant over eyeliner. This way, you will be better control over its application on your lined eyelids. The clear mascara adds shine to your eyes while also preventing eyeliner smudges during the day.

    Do you have more ideas for use of clear mascara? You can tell us in the comments section below. Let’s also exchange ideas about DIY clear and colored mascaras from clear mascara.  

    DIY Clear and Colored Mascaras

    DIY clear mascara is easy and affordable to make. You will only need:

    • 2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
    • A few drops of Vitamin E oil
    • Distilled water

    In a double boiler, blend the aloe vera gel, Vitamin E drops and distilled water. Just add about 2 tablespoons of distilled water for starters and then add as you go along depending on your desired consistency.

    best recipe for colored mascara

    Turn on the stove at low heat and continuously stir until the ingredients are blended well. Remove from heat, let it cool, and transfer it to a sterilized mascara dispenser. Use it in a similar manner as store-bought clear mascara.

    As for shelf life, be sure to refrigerate it to keep its consistency and prevent the growth of bacteria. But throw it away after one week – two weeks at most – since it doesn’t have preservatives for longer shelf life.  

    You can also make    from this DIY clear mascara – just add your choice of food color or oxides. But if you want better results, you can turn a store-bought clear mascara into a colored one.  

    • Pour out an eye-safe pigment onto a piece of wax paper or aluminum foil. You can use any color in the rainbow, from pale yellow to bright blue. Just pour out enough pigment for your current use so as not to waste it.   
    • Roll the clear mascara wand around in the pigment until every drop has absorbed the color. Gently tap the wand either on your hand or on top of the wax paper/aluminium foil; the excess loose powder will then not get on your face.
    • Apply the colored mascara on your eyelashes like you would with regular mascara. Start from the base of your lashes, wiggle the wand back and forth until it reaches the tip of your lashes, and repeat for more coats.

    Wash the wand thoroughly after use since you don’t want colored pigment to mix in with the remaining clear mascara in the tube.  

    In conclusion, clear mascara isn’t the bland cousin of colored mascara, far from it. You can use it for so many things that it may well be more useful than its regular counterpart!  

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