How to Choose the Best Blow Dryer

How to Choose the Best Blow Dryer For Your Unique Needs

What is the best blow dryer? The answer largely depends on your unique needs and wants in it, from the type of hair you have to the size, power capacity, and settings that you desire. The fact that there are dozens of choices makes the decision more difficult, especially when it’s your first time in doing so.

Furthermore, men and women will have different needs in a blow dryer because of the differences in their hair type, length and style, as well as in their hair care products used.  But in both sexes, the best blow dryers make the hair-styling process so much easier and faster, partly because hair products like gels adhere better to dry hair.  Other benefits include straightening and adding volume to hair.

Let’s take a look at the crucial factors that influence the answers to the question of, “What is the best blow dryer to buy?” We suggest reading on so that you can avoid the mistakes that we made during our first time buying it.

What’s Your Hair Type?

Be sure to identify your hair type and texture first because each type require different heat and speed levels for best results.

  • Thick and coarse hair requires stronger heat and high airflow settings, which will decrease the number of minutes spent on drying it.  An infrared blow dryer or a titanium dryer is an excellent choice because these provide a steady and even stream of heat, which dries the hair from the inside out.
  • Fine or thin hair should only be exposed to low heat because of the high risk of damage. A ceramic blow dryer is a great choice because its heat is milder yet more consistent.
  • Normal hair can be exposed to most types of heat without the increased risk of damage. An ion blow dryer with ionic technology is an excellent choice because its negative ions smooth out curls while drying hair.

We also want to emphasize that a ceramic blow dryer is considered as the best blow dryer for natural hair because of its triple action. These are drying hair, adding shine, and protecting the tresses from damage including frizz and split-ends. If you’re unsure about your type of hair or you’re sharing it with others, your best choice is a ceramic blow dryer, too.

Blow Drying Hair Type

What’s Your Desired Power Capacity?

The blow dryer’s wattage refers to the capacity and speed of its motor. The higher its wattage, the more powerful the airflow and the faster the drying time. For at-home use, we suggest a dryer with power ranging between 1,300 and 1,875 watts. But you may want to choose a higher wattage, such as between 1,800 and 2,000 watts, if you have thick or coarse hair since it can be difficult to dry.

The best professional blow dryer usually has a higher wattage than at-home dryers due to the heavy-duty use. Hairstylists also prefer a dryer that produces stronger airflow so their clients’ tresses can be dried more quickly with wind, instead of being fried to the roots with relatively extreme heat.

What blow dryer do professionals use? Click here for the answer and be surprised that many of them are affordable and can be used for at-home purposes.

Blow Drying Power Capacity

What Are the Heat and Cool Settings?

The best blow dryer on the market has multiple heat settings, particularly low, medium, and high heat settings. You can then adjust the heat level according to the precise amount your hair will need for safe and fast drying.

You may buy a cheap dryer with just two heat settings – low heat at low speed and high heat at fast speed – for savings purposes. But you will likely find that it doesn’t dry your hair as well and as fast as you like. Your best choice then is a dryer with independent controls for heat and airflow for maximum versatility.

Look for a dryer with a cool shot setting, too. This has two functions – first, to provide your hair with a long-lasting smoother and shinier finish; and second, to lock in curls after drying. To make full use of the cool setting, switch to it from the heat setting when your hair is nearly dry, about 80% of the way.

Blow Drying Settings

What About Ergonomic Design and Weight?

Keep in mind that you will be holding a blow dryer for several minutes at a time. An ergonomic design and light weight are a must for comfortable handling.

This is especially true when you have thick, coarse, or long hair that requires more minutes for drying than fine, thin, or short hair. But if you have more upper body strength, you may want a heavier dryer because you appreciate the feeling. You may also appreciate a heavier dryer because it’s easier to grip.

Experts suggest a dryer with a 1-pound approximate weight for the most comfortable handling.  No matter your preference in weight, your best choice is a dryer with a well-balanced design from handle to nozzle. A curved handle is preferred because it feels more comfortable during handling.

Where Do You Plan to Use It Most?

If you will be using a dryer during your travels, then you should look for a travel dryer because it’s compact and lightweight, perhaps even a folding handle for ease in storage. If you’re travelling outside of the United States, you may want to buy a dual-voltage dryer or bring along an adapter.

But if you will be using the dryer at home most of the time, your best choice is a full-sized dryer. A travel dryer may fit in well in your luggage but it doesn’t function as well as its full-sized counterpart.

Hair Dryer

What Attachments Do You Want?

The attachments will enhance your hair drying experience, especially when you’re the type who styles hair nearly daily.  Here are a few questions that will answer whether you will need attachments or not.

  • What does a blow dryer diffuser do?

A blow dryer diffuser, which usually snaps onto the dryer’s end, distributes the heat over a larger area without affecting the other areas not in its direct path. You will find it useful if you have wavy or curly hair since it aids in adding volume while keeping its texture.

  • What does a concentrator nozzle do?

A concentrator nozzle, which can also be attached and removed from the dryer’s end like the diffuser, produces a concentrated stream of air. You will appreciate it when you straighten hair as you dry it, as well as in cutting down frizz.

Be sure to look at the convenient features in a dryer, too. These can include easy-to-reach buttons, a removable filter, and a retracting cord.  Look at the warranty, too, although many of these products come with the fine print.

What are the best blow dryers? We can give you a top ten list here but we also want to emphasize that even the best dryer will be of little use if and when you don’t know how to use it!

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