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man getting back pain relief

Ice or Heat For Back Pain | What’s the Right Way for Quick Relief

When your body feels sore do you ever reach for an ice pack? Have you ever put a heat pack on your back after a long workout? After countless hours of physical activity, your body may feel exhausted. It’s important that you take care of your muscles so they don’t strain. There are different purposes […]

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typewriter saying

How To Massage Your Own Back | Easy DIY Pain Relief

We are putting pressure on our backs every day. Whether we are in a coffee shop trying to finish up work or using our phones there is a lot of stress that goes into your back muscles. In the beginning it may seem like no big deal, however, over time, you can experience tremendous pain.To […]

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guide about how to make eyelash glue

How to Make Eyelash Glue | All You Need To Know About Homemade Lash Adhesive

Having false lashes can not only boost your confidence, but it can make your eyes pop and really help to complete your look! There are so many eyelash glue options in stores, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. I didn’t want to waste your hard earned money, so I went ahead and […]

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How to Get Eyelash Glue off Clothes

How to Get Eyelash Glue off Clothes | We Recommend Several Easy Ways

Getting false eyelashes to go on correctly is hard enough already, but what happens when you end up getting eyelash glue on your clothes? On the one hand, you’re trying to keep your eyelashes in place, but on the other, you’re freaking out because you don’t want to ruin your clothing!  No worries, I’ve definitely been […]

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how to curl black hair

How to Make Black Hair Curly | You Too Can Have Lush & Relaxed Curls

If you’re a sophisticated woman of color, you’ve probably wondered how to make black hair curly… like, really curly. Not frizzy or unmanageable. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore about finding a great solution. This guide is the ultimate resource for all the ways to curl natural and relaxed black hairstyles. How to Make Black […]

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if you want to have better oral hygine read our review

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil Benefits | A Natural Oral Antiseptic

Oral hygiene basically involves brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at night. It also includes regular visits and checkups with your dentist. Most people also use Waterpik, mouthwashes and other OTC supplements, but you may want to try using coconut oil with oil pulling. The oil pulling with coconut oil benefits […]

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if you want to find out how to have brighter smile read our review

Wrapping Teeth in Aluminum Foil – Does This Hack Work to Brighten Teeth?

If your teeth aren’t as white as you want them to be, there are several options that you can try that can work to brighten them. You can go to your dentist and they can provide teeth whitening treatments. You can also buy some over the counter teeth whiteners, though some are better than others. […]

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when the vitamin industry shifted to chewables, adults kicked their tasteless vitamins goodbye and settled for the delicious taste of gummies or gummy vitamins if you want to now more read out post

Gummy Vitamins vs. Pills | Flavored Chewables Or Pill Suplements

Three years ago, when the vitamin industry shifted to chewables, adults kicked their tasteless vitamins goodbye and settled for the delicious taste of gummies or gummy vitamins. Many people have replaced the natural vitamin C and D they get from fruits and veggies with these easy to swallow multivitamins. Multivitamin pills have taken a bit of […]

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if you want to know how to allow office workers or for yourself options to both sit and stand as they work or studyg read our post

Standing Desk Converter vs Standing Desk | What’s Better for Aches Caused by Prolonged Sitting?

Let’s join the standing desk converter vs standing desk debate to see which is better to gt rid of the back pain for long hours of sitting at work! So, when did it all start? Back in the 1970’s traditional office jobs as we know them today were on the ride. While they spurred economic growth, […]

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how to use water flosser

How to Use a Waterpik | Ideal for Perfect Oral Hygiene and Dental Health

Learning how to use a Waterpik is one of the best ways you can improve your oral hygiene routine to boost your oral health. Everyone knows that simply brushing your teeth regularly isn’t enough. Flossing must be done as well. But flossing with regular floss may not be your best option.  Most of the other […]

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