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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

 In these age of extreme dye jobs and perms, the question is not whether your hair is damaged but how bad your damage is. Before you start feeling sad for your situation, know that even damaged hair can be revived. You can get healthy and shinier looking hair sooner rather than later in some few steps.Great […]

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Top 10 Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair

There are people who prefer having short, instead of long, hair. Whatever the reasons may be, many of those people find having short hair easier to manage. One of the best ways to add spice to short hair is to create curls. You can do this hairstyle using a curling iron or hot rollers. Just make […]

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Best Hot Rollers Reviews Guide

Large, bouncy curls or cute little ringlets are easy when you have the right tool. There are a number of styling products, blow dryers, and curling tools you can use. Among the most convenient for beginners are hot rollers since you don’t need skill or a technique to use them. Just follow the instructions in heating up the […]

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Top 10 Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair Compared For Value

For curly haired ladies who want to blow dry their hair, they can’t rely on just any dryer. Curly hair, like thick hair, also poses some challenges when blow dried. To make curls manageable and easy to style and to avoid frizz, you will need to choose the right tool. With the proper blow dryer, your […]

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Best blow dryer for natural hair 2017

Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair (Top 10 Revealed)

Bow dryers are a popular hair accessory and really one that is hard to live without. But what is the best option for natural hair? Let’s find out with our comprehensive buying guide below!Top Blow Dryer Revealed! GHD Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer Why we chose this item:Includes 2 concentrator nozzlesEquipped with various power and […]

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The 10 Foods Most Rich In Magnesium (And Their Benefits)

0 shares Pin0 Foods that are rich in magnesium are important for biochemical functions and cellular health in the body. Magnesium has different benefits and functions. You need to consume the recommended daily allowance so that daily functions will not be compromised. Here are some major functions that would require a healthy level of magnesium […]

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