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    7 Best Water Purifiers 2019 | Top Filter Systems for Home

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    How To Choose Your Water Purifier

    Water pollution is a serious environmental and health threat in India. Water pollutants have penetrated through various sources and are the main reason behind a number of diseases in both rural and urban areas. While the traditional method of boiling water for purification does not appeal to the busy lives of people, drinking from bottles is not a budget friendly option. Therefore water purifiers have become a mandatory component of every Indian kitchen.

    Top 3 Water Purifiers

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    • Space saving design
    • Elite five-stage filter 
    • Simple and easy installation

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    • Very efficient model
    • Affordable
    • Basic design

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    • Removes up to 99% of 77 contaminants 
    • It incorporates a pre-filtering stage
    • Stylish design

    If you are looking to buy a water purifier for your home or office, here are some important factors to be considered in order to make the right choice. If you decide to purchase a water purifier system, first of all, you must see a water quality report because all cities are required to provide one.

    Type of water

    Indian households receive water through the municipality from two main sources, surface water and groundwater. Surface water from lakes or rivers usually contains fewer impurities and lower microbial contamination than the ground water from tankers. The level of impurities can be assessed by means of using a TDS meter. For communities with impurity level higher than 500 ppm, an RO water purifier is recommended. However in areas with levels lower than 200 ppm, an RO water purifier may strip the water of its essential nutrients and also cause substantial water loss. In such cases, a UV purifier is the best option.

    Installation of water purifier

    Installation of water purifier can be done in two ways, wall mounted or table top. In the wall mount type, the water purifier must be located close to a water source as well as an electrical plug point. The distance between these three components must be no greater than 3 feet. The water purifier must be kept away from direct sunlight. For a table top water purifier, a strong platform that can hold the weight of the water must be used. The height of the platform must be greater than three meters.

    Service Routines

    Both RO purifiers, as well as UV water purifiers, must be regularly cleaned to ensure high performance. The frequency of the service depends mainly upon the quality of the water in the particular community. Predetermined service dates and replacement of essential components like the carbon candle must be ensured through a contract with the service provider.

    Cost and User Ratings

    Investing in a water purifier must hold good for the long term. Therefore shopping around for the best water purifier is highly recommended. Consumers must focus on two main parameters while looking for the ideal water purifier, cost and performance. Costs must be compared with other models as proof of performance. Online shopping of water purifiers is a great option to achieve both these parameters successfully. All features and dimensions of the water purifiers are clearly stated in most websites and online support from salespeople can also be availed in case of any queries. Consumers can easily browse through all available price deals, compare them against the user reviews and ratings and choose the most suitable option easily.

    5 Best Water Purifiers for Clean Potable Water

    Clean potable water is a must have for everyone but unfortunately, lots of impurities find their way into our drinking water supplies that purifying methods are needed for treatment before we can consume it. Luckily there are ways of overcoming the problem by using 5 of the most efficient water purifying systems now available on the market:

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    Also known as the “Tap Master” this purifier works on the reverse osmosis principle that completely purifies water for drinking. The beauty of this system lies in its proven ability to re-introduce invaluable minerals lost through filtration. Of the five systems currently available on the market, it is the most expensive but it is a system worth installing in the home. Feedback from users put the purifier as the second best purifier on the list especially for its ability in recovering precious minerals initially lost by filtration.

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    This purifying system is a basic design and performance with a two stage processing action. Though efficient, it is unable to remove nitrates such as arsenic, chrome among others and changing the filters can be a problem. When compared with other purifiers it stands out as a very basic model that is light on the budget and will protect you from harmful impurities though not all of them.

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    Many homes are situated in areas full of sediments especially silt and this Aquasana 3-stage purifier is the perfect solution. It incorporates a pre-filtering stage that stops the system from clogging up and is perfect if you live in silty locations. But like the Watts system, it also fails to remove all harmful elements from your drinking water. It does have more features than the Watts system but it is essentially another very basic purifying system.

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    The more filtration stages a purifier has, the better its chances of eliminating undesirable impurities from water. This is a system with a 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration unit. It features a very high performing membrane that thoroughly eliminates undesirable impurities from the water you use for drinking. This purifier recovers a gallon of extremely clean drinking waterfrom three gallons of untreated water. Even so, many important minerals such as calcium and magnesium are not saved by the system and are regrettably lost during the filtration process. It’s a level higher than Watts and Aquasana but its only flaw lies in the “wasting” of a lot of untreated water to produce a reduced amount.

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    This purifier is such an efficient filtration system it can produce a bottle of purified water at the cost of one cent per bottle. In addition to that, it can recover valuable minerals that are lost through the filtration process in the same way the Home Master filtration system does. The system is so satisfying users have failed to come up with negative comments about the system. Because of its excellent performance, this purifier has garnered a reputation that far outstrips the performances of the other filtration systems.

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