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    Top 10 Best Resistance Bands 2019 Reviews | Perfect for Exercise and to Get in Shape

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    Last updated 16th January 2018

    Taking those pounds off some parts of your body can be a little hard; more so, if you are thinking of gym membership fees and the time you have to invest. A personal trainer may come in handy at times but still, there is still money involved. These days, people who have weight issues, medical conditions or those willing to maintain their well-being are getting hooked with resistance bands and they are getting positive results.

    Good news: You can exercise at home any time you want.

    The bad news: You might not know how to go about choosing which ones are most appropriate for you? That being the case, getting to know the best exercise resistance bands below can help you!

    Top 3 Resistance Bands

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    • Loop bands made for light to heavy workouts​
    • Rehabilitation routines  that target arms, legs, shoulders and butt
    • Can be used either individually or combined depending on required resistance

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    • Strap ideal for post workouts, warm ups & yoga
    • Comes with free exercise guide with over 30 stretches
    • Great for toning down, strengthening or pumping up muscle volume

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    • Affordable set of resistance bands
    • Adjustable for taller individuals​
    • It can hold up to 130 lbs

    Resistance Bands Buying Guide

    Resistance or exercise bands are strength training tools designed to provide a resistive force to your muscles, which is normally achieved through machines or free weights. These bands are made of latex or rubber strips or tubes of various thickness and length.

    Using resistance bands will allow you to obtain the same results as you would using other equipment, but with the convenience of easy storage and portability. This section will provide you with a buying guide to help you choose the right type of resistance band for your strength training needs.

    Determine your exercise goals with the band

    It is important to know how you plan to use the resistance band. You can use it as your primary tool for strength training or as a supplement to your current regimen. It is ideal to invest in more than one type of resistance band if you plan to use it as a primary strengthening tool.

    Select the best resistance level/s for you

    You have to understand that there are different resistance levels available. In fact, there are four major resistance levels for you to choose from. The light bands are normally long and thin, and they provide between three and five pounds of resistance, which are ideal for beginners. The medium-resistance ones are around eight pounds, while the heavy bands can provide up to 15 pounds. There are extra-heavy bands that should only be used by experienced users because they can give as much as 20 pounds of resistance.

    Choose a design

    Resistance bands come in two types: strips and tubes. The strip-type is the most basic design. Strip bands are wide rubber pieces cut to different lengths. They are inexpensive, and do not have handles.

    The tube-type, on the other hand, feels more comfortable to use. It is more durable, too. Under this type of band, you will be choosing between soft foam and hard plastic handles, and this is all based on personal preference.

    Examine features

    Many resistance bands offer plenty of features, including removable handles, door attachments, ankle cuffs, clips, and rings. Some bands will come with these features. It will be best to invest in a starter kit when you want a full workout. Such kits normally come with instructional videos for you to follow.

    Look for physical and online stores

    There are plenty of businesses that sell resistance bands. You can purchase them online or at your local stores. They are also available in discount stores, such as Target and Walmart. Sometimes, however, there are more options available online and buyign a resistance band at Amazon.com is usually a great way to go.

    Top 10 Resistance Bands for 2018

    Phantom loop bands were made especially for workouts and rehabilitation purposes. You can use these bands for routines ranging from light to heavy. Target areas are the arms, legs, shoulders and butt all at the same time. These are also good for crossfit, yoga and strengthening worn out ligaments. Bands can be used individually or combined depending on the resistance needed.

    This durable nylon woven strap is 6 feet and 4 inches long and ideal for post workout, yoga and warm ups. It comes with a free exercise guide which includes over 30 stretches. Tone down, strengthen or pump up some muscle volume using its multiple loops to target main muscle groups.

    This set of resistance bands are among the best picks of its kind because they are affordable.  These bands are safer and cheaper than weights. In addition, the bands adjust to taller individuals. They were created with Tae Bo and P90x routines in mind. It can hold up to 130 lbs.  The set includes two ankle grips, handles, one door stopper; a free carrying bag and a 90-day warranty.

    This durable resistance band set is made of synthetic rubber and contains 5 bands to be used for different purposes. It also comes with an instructional, a carrying bag and a door anchor. This set serves the purpose of beginners to advanced workout enthusiasts as well as those rehabilitating from injuries. Toning exercises or stuffing muscles is also among its strongest points as the set provides as low as 2 lbs. that can be used by the elderly, children or individuals on injury rehab. A combination of bands makes up for a strong 75 lb. resistance for heavy workouts which is good for athletes.

    These 8-piece resistance bands have a diverse range of training routine in store for its users. The bands are able to hold from 2 lbs. up to 20 lbs. of resistance levels, which makes it good for exercisers of all ages; from beginners to advanced exercisers. Users found satisfaction in these bands whether the aim is for toning muscles or rehabilitation. These latex rubber bands are portable and able to withstand 61 lbs. of resistance. Among the features are band ends made up of metal carabineers to keep handles in place; handles connected to metal pieces to allow flexibility; a sturdy door anchor that secures mount.

    This set belongs to the more affordable sets and it is inclusive of 5 resistance bands with different weights for different strength levels. It comes with a grip at the end of the bands and a door anchor. It boasts of less time spent on full body workouts. In addition, it has a set of 3 resistance tubes in varying colors. The 48-inch long tubes come with two cushioned foam grips, additional door anchor.

    Among the heavy duty types, the Aylio Ultimate Resistance Band Set includes heavy duty ankle straps and grips, 2 door anchors, 7 bands, and workout guides and a DVD. It is perfect for advanced users, couples, and able to withstand 166 lbs. of tension. Users can perform more than 100 proven and tested body-sculpting routines. It particularly focuses every muscle group, making losing weight, ripping and toning every inch possible.

    The SPRI individual bands provide excellent results with its wide range of exercise levels which start from very light up to ultra heavy resistance training. You can avail of these by starting to use individual bands and graduate into using a full set once satisfied with its performance. Total resistance capacity of an individual band reaches 20 lbs. This product also comes with a downloadable exercise manual.

    The 12-piece Bodylastics resistance band set is for professional workout sold at a reasonable price. Made from the fines materials for the safety and comfort of its users, these fine grade bands can last a longer time compared to the cheaper brands. It has sturdy inner safety cords, solid iron clips, dense neoprene and nylon woven webbing. The manufacturer offers 60-day 100% money back guarantee if customer is not satisfied. Workout starts from 3 lbs. to 96 lbs. maximum. Flexibility of the bands meets the requirements of various workout levels. With a resistance level of 142 lbs., it’s a good buy.

    These flat bands are good for individual training routines like ballet training, yoga, pilates and good tools for physical therapy or rehabilitation.  The bands are also perfect for cardio, core and control if there is a need to build or tone muscles, promote flexibility and strengthening stamina. These odor-free non-latex bands are color coded for light, medium and heavy exercise routines. They come with a free door anchor also.

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