best pregnancy pillow on the market

What is the Best Pregnancy Pillow on the Market?

Pregnancy is a progressive state and pregnant women are anxious about a lot of things. Aside from the anticipation, there is eagerness and overflowing happiness. On top of these are some issues and body discomfort which can be allayed by very helpful thingies in the form of the ever-popular pregnancy pillows.

We pick 

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Why this is the best pick:

  1. Oversized U-shaped pillow made of cotton material
  2. Ideal to support for nursing, reading or watching TV
  3. Never flattens, lumps, or clumps


These pillows offer quite a relief for expecting mothers; however, the weight that each pregnant woman carries poses some problems when lying down or even just by sitting while watching TV. With these issues in mind, pillow manufacturers created pillows that can help soon-to-be mothers in overcoming the problems.

Bad experiences pregnant women encounter at night

  • Exhaustion: Pregnant women get tired easily and lying down with a pillow that aggravates the situation is a huge burden.
  • Sleeplessness: Without the right pillow to use, sleepless nights may be experienced and this puts the pregnant woman to health risks.
  • Restlessness: Lack of sleep due to tossing and turning at night in the effort to find for the right position is impossible if pillows do not act in accordance to a pregnant woman’s desired position.
  • Body pains: The worst pillows cause pains in different parts of the body.

Talking about pain, pregnant women must be able to determine which parts of their bodies hurt upon waking up. This helps them determine the type of pillow that fits their needs. Most of the time pregnancy causes women to acquire ankle and knee pains; belly, back or both; and hurting neck and shoulders. These parts may get stiff at night due to limited movement caused by an uncompromising pillow.

Other reasons why pains are felt during pregnancy are:

  • Wearing the wrong pair of shoes – It is wise to don a pair with wedge soles or rubber flats if there is pain on the lower back or knees.
  • Bad posture – Pregnant or not, the body will hurt in some parts as the spine gets defective.
  • Improper way of lifting or carrying things – Carrying and lifting objects that are far too heavy for a pregnant woman causes aches at night.

If ever the hurting is not remedied, and there is a feeling that the issue was caused while settled on a couch or a bed; then, it is time to buy a pregnancy pillow to end miserable nights. Nonetheless, there is no need to rush as you still have to consider several aspects before going on with the purchase like:

  • Your body weight
  • Sleeping style
  • Pillow filling
  • Pillow size

The many faces of pregnancy pillows

Wedge Pillows:

Slides under the tummy or back and provides support to the body throughout the night. This type is a favorite among pregnant women as they prove to be the cheapest. Why? It can be used even after the baby is out like when relaxing at the patio, watching a good game on TV, or simply placing the newborn child on top of it as you place it on your lap. It comes in round or triangular types.


  • Small – Easy to stow when travelling
  • Cheaper than other shapes
  • Provides comfort to anybody who shares the bed with the pregnant woman


  • There is a need for another pillow to use on your head
  • Not all brands share the same sloping degrees; some slope down abruptly that bumps the tummy of the user

Full length pregnancy pillows:

Also called by many as the body pillow, the full length maternity pillow runs along almost the entire length of the body. It is characterized by a straight shape and a great thing to cuddle. It comes in two types: The straight, which looks like a normal pillow but only much longer, and the flexible kind that looks like a large draft stopper.


  • Provides supports to the whole body
  • A head pillow is no longer required
  • The flexible type bends to conform to the shape you desire
  • More expensive flexible types contain microbeads


  • Takes up more bed space
  • Not a good pillow for those who sleep on their back
  • The straight kind does not twist or bend

Total body:

This type wraps around the body and creates full support. It is big enough (approximately 5-6 ft in length) to enable curling inside it. It has two different shapes: the C and the U, named after the letters it looks similar to.

The way they are shaped provide from different effects. The C kind was designed for the riding position when sleeping wherein its base is saddled between the legs while the top portion is used as a head rest. On the other hand, the U kind can be straddled and suits back sleepers and provides ample support as well to the back.


  • Considered as the best supportive toddler pillow
  • No other head pillows required
  • Provides support to back and front
  • Best in supporting the spine


  • Bulky and eats more space
  • Very expensive

Other things that you have to look for when aiming to get the best pregnancy pillow are the types of filling. Women, most especially the pregnant ones get easily irritated with many things like sound, smell, and look of the pillows they use.

Irritating smells coming from sweat and pillow filling creates anxiety that is why maternity pillows that are heavily favored are those with removable covers to enable frequent washing. Expensive ones include spare covers and there are also several brands that manufacture covers that can be easily unzipped. This makes way for simple care for the user.

Fillings that are usually found inside pregnancy pillows:

Polyester fiber maternity pillows

Polyester is soft and noiseless. What determines the firmness of a polyester pillow is the amount of material stuffed inside it. While it is a popular choice, it does not breathe well unlike other pillows using different type of filling.

Styrofoam ball maternity pillows

Styrofoam balls commonly found on the cheaper types of pregnancy pillows allow easy adaptability to the body shape. This lightweight pillow stuffing creates noise as the pillow is moved or the user moves around at night.


Micro-beads, in the form of extra fine balls, are lightweight. Pillows made with this filling would seem like there is sand inside it.  It allows easy mobility and the noiseless quality makes it a favorite among other types of filling.

Memory foam filling

Memory foam filling allows the pillow to take the body shape of the user while pressed against it. But once the body separates from it, it reverts back to its natural shape. This type is firm but takes on heat fast. To prevent this from happening, some manufacturers use sliced or shredded foams to allow air to circulate.

Natural and organic

Natural and organic is a phrase everybody likes to hear. Made from spelt, wool or kapok, this type of pillow filling has become the rave of so many women as they want to keep their pregnancy as natural as can be. This is the best pillow for those aiming to obtain a hypoallergenic kind of cuddly material.

Before jumping to buy a pregnancy pillow, it is but right to take note of these essentials so as the pregnant woman would not revert back to anxiety anymore. The right pillow brings satisfaction; so, being armed with good judgment is a skill.

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