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Top 10 Aspects of The Best Outdoor Basketballs

Basketball is a popular sport that people love to follow and master. It is now being played around the world by more than two hundred and fifty million people. Basketball is one of the few sports that you can play both indoors and outdoors. Rain or shine, people of all ages can play basketball and enjoy the game nonstop.

For players, playing with a sub-par ball won’t give them the edge to play their best game. Those who really play want to have the best outdoor basketball because the best equipment always makes a difference.

What to look for in an outdoor basketball

Outdoor basketballs made from composite or synthetic leather are the best. Genuine leather are not appropriate for outdoor games despite the fact that it fives the ultimate feels for a basketball. Composite leather is of great quality and does a perfect job of giving that feel of genuine leather. It can, in fact, pass for a genuine leather basketball.

Don’t buy leather basketballs. – Leather basketballs used to be common in the past. A genuine leather basketball is the official NBA Game Basketball. It needs to be broken with regular play and comes out of a box. Initially, the ball may feel hard to control. But if you are patient and willing to work with it, leather can help you give a peak performance and can last for a long time. Unfortunately, it’s only good for indoor games. Indoor games depend on an entirely different set of equipment – even different basketball shoes.

Try composite leather – The majority of basketballs available on the market today are made of composite leather. Composite leather is cheaper and more versatile. There is no need to break it in. They are also moderately priced and are designed to take the wear and tear of outdoor use.

You can also try rubber – Rubber is a good choice for outdoor use. It is also durable and cheap. Unlike leather basketballs, rubber basketballs are rougher to handle and do not feel as good on the hands. Nevertheless, this is highly recommended for children who are still trying to learn the game or for outdoor courts like homemade hoops over a gravel driveway.

Do brands matter? – The Spalding NBA All Conference Basketball is made from top quality materials. It is also used in professional basketball games. Other brands like Molten and Wilson are also good options. You can do a quick search on Google and compare which brands are within your budget range and where. Try to check for reviews so you’ll be able to tell if the item is actually any good.

What color should you choose? – Basketballs now come in many colors. The colors of official basketballs are orange and black. Different colors can personalize a basketball. It’s up to you if you want to go standard or be unique in your choice of the ball.

What’s in the design? – All basketballs have the same key design: the bladder, the threading, the carcass, cover, pebbles and channel. The inside of the ball that seals the air tight, and retains its shape by maintaining the air is the bladder. The threading gives structure. The carcass is made of leather, synthetic material or rubber. Pebbles provide the texture on the surface of the ball. It is responsible for giving grip and bounce. The cover is visible when you look at the basketball. The black lines we see on each basketball are the channels that seal each panel together.

Every ball has the same key construction elements. These include the bladder of the ball, the threading that seals the ball, the carcass, cover, channel and pebbles. The bladder is the inside of the ball. It seals the air inside and helps the ball retain its shape and maintain air. The threading provides structure. Around the bladder is the carcass which is made of leather, rubber or synthetic material. The cover is what is visible when you look at a basketball. The channels are the black lines seen on the ball and seal each panel together. The pebbles provide the balls texture on the surface of the basketball and help improve grip and bounce.

Does size matter?

What are regulation size basketballs? – 29.5” is the regulation size basketball used for men’s games from High School all the way to the NBA. This is a good choice for teenage boys as well as adults. The size of the regulation ball is slightly much bigger that the other size basketballs.

What are women’s size basketballs? – Women’s size basketballs are slightly smaller at 28.5”. This is a good fit for a lady baller or a youngster. The one inch difference in circumference between this size and the regulations size won’t be noticeable.

What are youth sized basketballs? – Youth sized basketballs come at 27.5”. This size is great for growing children learning the fundamentals of the game. This size works well in both full sized and smaller hoops. Kids using a smaller basketball tends to easily develop proper shooting and dribbling mechanics.

Should you worry about the price? – Prices vary for each basket ball due to a number of factors. The important factor to consider the material. Genuine leather basketballs normally come around $140. Composite leather basketballs cost around $50 for indoor only basketball or an indoor/outdoor basketball at $20 to $50. Rubber basketballs can be found between $10 to $15.

What to look for in performance?

How does it bounce? Is it difficult to control? Dribble the basketball to see if the basketball does perform in a consistent manner.

Is it easy to hold or clutch? A grip is a measure of how easy a basketball to hold. Those wanting to palm a basketball will look for how a ball feels to their grip.

Does the ball feel make dribbling and control effortless? A ball with a good feel has a good balance between cushion and stability.

How durable is the item? The basketball must last long enough under normal playing conditions.
What features and material quality does the basketball give that makes it a good investment of your time and money.

How to find the best outdoor basketball for you

There are practically many kinds of basketball in the market. Take into consideration all the factors mentioned earlier. How does the ball feel in your hands? Is it within your budget range? Where do you plan to play most of the time? Take the time to shop around and ask. Have you had prior experience with the brand you are planning to buy?

All these factors taken together can help you come up with a well informed decision that will give you a bigger bang for your buck. Check out our other articles for more awesome advice!

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