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    Creatine supplement is the most popular add-on energy to take if your aim is to run faster, jump higher or simply to outlast competition. This supplement is taken by many athletes or individuals looking to get an edge with their resistance trainingCreatine supplements are easily accessible to users because it can be purchased over the counter and can be ordered from different online stores.

    Top 3 Creatine Supplements

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    • 100% pure, potent, and highest available quality
    • Increase strength gains and improves performance
    • Made in USA

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    • Maximizes lean muscle mass and size
    • Speeds up muscle recovery
    • Combines the power of creatine and magnesium in a single dose

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    • Designed for medical conditions
    • The choice of most physical therapists, trainers and coaches
    • Can be worn in almost any type of shoe

    But even though this natural substance has a growing following, researchers aver that positive effects it provides the body has yet to surface, studies are still to come up with something concrete. Whatever the results are later on, we can start by looking at its use; when to use it and which ones are most preferred by many.

    Types of Creatine

    There are various types of creatine supplements and there different ways to take the supplement into the body. Transport vectors are similar to our transport services such as cars, planes, trains, etc. As body composition of each person differs, the way it is introduced into the body system differs as well. So, what would-be users do is to experiment various types to know which works as most effective.

    Monohydrate is a very popular creatine supplement but there are other kinds that employ other names attached after it and these are referred to as multi-creatine formulas. The attached names provide specific names of compound molecules combined to monohydrate. Combining them with the base compound increases the creatine substance’s solubility. Other athletes use creatine HCL to hasten solubility.

    When to use creatine

    It is said that weightlifters use them before working out like 30 minutes before they go to the gym. They look at it as stimulant that can influence and enable high performance. What is true is just like other supplements, creatine takes time to take effect. Even the fastest absorbing ones need time to travel within the system to produce an effect.

    These substances have to be absorbed by the blood so it can enter the muscle cells where it starts to do the job. The process of absorption takes about an hour in order to produce full benefits; therefore it is advisable not to lose patience.

    Post Workout
    Taking the supplement after working out is preferred by some exercise buffs or athletes. They find it more beneficial in terms of biological factors that happen right after workouts. Creatine is found to be depleted after work out sessions. Therefore, a post workout meal can boost insulin naturally which, in turn, produces carbs that is just perfect for creatine assimilation. While creatine acts as a source of energy, it expands the muscle cells and promotes synthesis.

    The only downside to this is when the body still contains creatine and the user takes in caffeine. The interaction is not going t be a good one. So, be sure that creatine has already been washed out from your system before sipping coffee or caffeine-laden drink of food. Caffeine counteracts the body’s hydration process which creatine is promoting. It is advisable not to overdo your creatine intake so as not to be deprived by a good cup of your favorite java.

    Best Creatine Supplement

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    Made of 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate with no extra additives or fillers, this supplement promotes endurance and strength aside from allowing excellent muscle gains. It has a delay lactic acid buildup that enables body to own an energy reserve for intense physical exertion. It comes in a 500 gram container in 100 servings. Each serving contains 5000 mg of creatine monohydrate.

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    This new formula allows for rapid gains in stamina, lean muscle development and strength. Contains advanced magnesium creatine combined in a single dose that is absorbed by the body faster than monohydrate types. Magnesium is vital for more than 300 body functions. Bloating is not an issue. It comes in 30 servings.

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    This 60-serving 300 gram container contains a supplement that rapidly absorbs the creatine complex. Loading phases is no longer required but according to some, bloating is a consequence. However, users claim that gains from taking it can be easily seen after two weeks of usage which overshadows its downsides. Can be used with water or taken in juice form.

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    This is a buffered form of creatine monohydrate in capsule form that has proven positive effects to many of its users. It is said to buffer creatine molecules and correct them to ph12 to guarantee stability and fast absorption. Preferred by athletes worldwide, it increases ability to restore muscles.

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    This supplement is a combination of di-creatine malate and magnesium creatine chelate which provides easy and fast absorption of the substance. It is also said to improve molecular stability via magnesium chelate. Other components of this type are betaine, L-tyrosine and L-taurine. Creatine content is equal to 5000 mgs which is vital for the serious types of bodybuilders.

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    This contains 100% creatine in the form of ultra-pure micronized powder. Its container consists 80s and capable of delivering unlimited supply of energy. The supplement has super fine substance that allows for easy and unparalleled absorption. This comes a little expensive but coming from a well-known brand that delivers lots of servings, it is worth the purchase.

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    The brand new Iron Cre3 contains creatine nitrate together with hydration qualities and muscle growth capabilities. It absorbs rapidly compared to other creatine types and works well with Cellucor C4. It is perfect for athletes and bodybuilders and best if taken during pre-workout.

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    Creacore is an almost pure concentrate of creatine HCl which contains a clinical dose of fenugreek. Fenugreek allows for healthy testosterone levels. In this case, the supplement is consist of around 2000 mg of the concentrate per scoop that is double the amount seen in Concrete Creatine. Consider this solution if you have a sensitive stomach. This comes in 80 servings.

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    This supplement contains 36 servings in its 180 gram container with 10 flavors to choose from. It promotes excellent pre-workout and energy performance and contains high levels of beta alanine that acts to support muscle endurance. The mixture is enhanced by a stimulant and nootropic complex (neuro enhancers) that provide the body focus and energy. It also contains Agmatine sulfate that promotes regulated muscular blood flow.

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    This type is a high energy pre-workout powder powered by Excelicor that can be taken as a fruit punch. The 9.52 oz container contains 30 servings that provide 5 calories and one gram of carbs for each. It has 741 mg Explosive Energy Blend, 1000 mg creatine nitrate, 15000 Beta Alanine, and 1000 mg Arginine AKG per serving.

    If you are going to try any of these, you may consult an expert fitness trainer to get the right supplement for you or you can ask help from a medical practitioner. This saves you from pushing your system too hard and endangering your health in your effort to keeping fit.

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