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    Top 3 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers Reviews 2019 | Soft and Ionic Included

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    Anyone who has ever tried using a standing hooded dryer at the salon will know how convenient it can be. The allure of having one at home can even be more tempting if you’re a fan of vintage films with glamorous female leads that love getting primped. But since they’re not always the most practical beauty equipment out there, the best bonnet hair dryer will already make do.

    What a lot of people don’t know is that bonnet hair dryers make blowouts easier to do at home. They offer something similar to standing hooded dryers but they’re smaller in size and easier to use. Nonetheless, they can still offer great results, especially if you want to sport one of those fancy pinup, vintage updos.

    Interested in what the best bonnet hair dryers have to offer? Let this guide give you a good look at this beauty equipment.

    Our Top Rated Bonnet Hair Dryer for Healthier and More Beautiful Hair

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      Ion-infused airflow dries hair quickly
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      Unit is perfect for drying roller sets and braids as well as processing chemical and conditioning treatments
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      Conditioning IONS help retain moisture to prevent breakage for shinier, healthier-looking styles

    Best Bonnet Hair Dryers on the Market

    Editor's Rating:


    • Adjustable large-sized bonnet can accommodate a lot of hair and styling tools
    • Easy and convenient storage
    • Compact and very portable

    Editor's Rating:


    • Compact and portable
    • Works on most hair types
    • Sturdy and easy to use


    3. D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood

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    • Great quality and can be used on a daily basis
    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Made portable by its caster wheels

    Buying Guide: Getting to Know Your Best Bonnet Hair Dryer Options and How to Pick Your Perfect Match

    There are lots of interesting and useful things to learn about bonnet hair dryers. Here are the basics that will help you get better acquainted with this equipment.

    What’s a Bonnet Hair Dryer?

    For most folks, a hair dryer is a handheld device that blows hot or cold air out of a nozzle. This wasn’t the case in the olden days, however. They used those standing units that come with a helmet that you see in salons. Posh ladies will have one at home as they let society ladies to always have a beautiful coif.

    The handheld dryers are believed to have put these standing hooded hair dryers out of style. It can be because of their compact design or its affordability. In any case, the standing hooded hair dryers became rare home-buys altogether.

    Unfortunately, handheld hair dryers will blow hair strands out of its carefully laid out place when used. Hooded hair dryers don’t do that which allows people to have more stylized hairstyles. At some point, consumers missed this capability but because space is already an issue, a compromise was reached.

    In place of the bulky hooded hair dryers of old, the bonnet hair dryers were born. It employs the concept of the hooded hair dryers but uses softer and more portable materials to get the job done. This makes them more compact so you don’t have to worry about having a standing hair dryer on display anywhere around the house.

    Why You Need One

    There are tons of reasons why you should consider getting a bonnet hair dryer. Some of them are the following:

    1. They can efficiently dry and style your hair.

    As mentioned above, handheld blow dryers will move hair strands out of place when you dry your hair with it. If you’re also not an expert in using one, there’s a good chance of uneven heat distribution in your hair.

    All of these can be avoided with bonnet hair dryers. As the bonnet will contain your hair, it promises to do a more even and thorough job at drying your tresses. It also won’t blow hair strands all over the place just to dry them up. The heat inside the bonnet will already help you dry your hair and even set its style without you having to be a pro at maneuvering a hair dryer.

    2. It can give you a blowout regularly without having to spend as much or learning the complex tricks of the trade.

    Lots of bonnet hair dryer reviews will tell you that these things will give you great blowouts without having to spend tens or hundreds of dollars for it. Today’s finest products will let you enjoy nicely styled locks for much less.

    3. It can take your home treatments up a notch.

    If you love pampering your locks at home, this beauty tool can help you take things to the next level as it will let you do deep conditioning or hot oil treatments right in the comfort of your own home.

    4. It won’t tire your arms out.

    The best thing about most of the top rated bonnet hair dryers in the market today is that they won’t even require you to use your arms to get the job done. Most of them already come with a heating element so you won’t have to work with a handheld hair dryer anymore. This frees your hands up to let you do other things.

    But if you already own a blow dryer that you love, you can still opt for the best portable hair dryer bonnet. Some can be attached to these beauty tools, so if you want something more versatile, you always have a choice.

    How to Find the Right Match for You

    If you’re already thinking of getting a bonnet hair dryer, here are a few things to remember to help you end up with the right product:

    Size Always Matters

    The bonnet size can make or break the performance of this equipment. Make sure that it will fit all of your hair and the possible addition of curlers and other styling tools so you can make the most out of it.

    Soft vs. Hard Bonnet

    Choosing between the two is a lot more than just a matter of preference. Some folks find soft bonnets a lot easier to work with while others aren’t too keen on the bulk of hard bonnets. Make sure to weigh your options and decide according to what suits your needs best.

    Decide Based on Your Hair Type

    Your hair type should also be a major factor in deciding which bonnet hair dryer to go for. The best bonnet hair dryer for curly hair are the powerful ones as this hair type tends to also come with thick, coarse strands. If you have thin, fine hair, those with lower heat settings might be the best picks for you.

    You’ll also find the best bonnet hair dryer for black hair, colored locks, or light tresses with ample research. There are also great options for the best bonnet hair dryer for natural or synthetic hair in wigs or extensions.

    Pay Attention to the Heat Settings

    As mentioned above, the heat settings of a bonnet hair dryer can be good deciding factors if you know what your needs are. Those with three heat levels will work best for those who need more flexibility with their hair tools.

    Product Reviews

    Ready to get to know your top options? Here are four bonnet hair dryer reviews for our top picks that might just help you find your perfect match.

    Editor's Rating:

    For those who are looking for an alternative to standing hooded hair dryers, the Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer can be worth looking into. This product is a solid contender for being the best soft bonnet hair dryer today. With its good reviews, affordable price tag, and great convenience, it can make a solid case for lots of buyers.

    The first thing that you might be interested to know about this product is its soft bonnet design. If you have a lot of hair and like to add more volume to it by using curlers, this product will be a good match for you. The bonnet is very roomy but it also comes with an adjustable elastic band, so you can still be ensured that it will be attached snugly on your head.

    Its heating element comes with three heat settings and a cool setting. This offers lots of uses and will already suit various hair types. You can use it to dry, condition, or even set hair styles with a simple turn of a dial.

    Things We Liked

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      Adjustable large-sized bonnet can accommodate a lot of hair and styling tools
    • check
      Easy and convenient storage
    • check
      Compact and very portable
    • check
      Ionic technology prevents hair damage

    Things We Didn't Like

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      Can get rather loud

    Editor's Rating:

    If the only thing that’s stopping you from getting a standing hooded hair dryer is its size, then the Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer might appeal to you. This can be the best hard bonnet hair dryer for most city-dwellers with its compact collapsible design.

    While this item won’t fold completely flat, it folds into itself until it’s just about the size of a large bowl. This makes it very easy to store, especially if you’re strapped for space in your apartment. It also comes with a carrying handle which makes it highly portable.

    As for its performance, it gets a great job done. However, due to its helmet design, it’s not as flexible or versatile as the previous pick. It can still be a good choice for lots of people, though, as it will still accommodate long hair and styling tools comfortably.

    Equipped with two heat settings, it gets the job done for most hair types. The low heat will work for both natural and synthetic hair while the high heat can be a good choice for thick and coarse locks.

    Things We Liked

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      Compact and portable
    • check
      Works on most hair types
    • check
      Sturdy and easy to use

    Things We Didn't Like

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      Can be tricky to put away
    • exclamation-triangle
      Might not fit large curlers or thick voluminous locks

    Editor's Rating:

    If you can spare the space for a standing hood hair dryer, then the D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood is something you should definitely check out. This product is a nice but smaller version of the units you’ll find at the salon. Not only will it help you get your hair done at home but it might even be a nice addition to your home spa.

    This hair dryer offers the most control in how you want to work with your coif as it will let you adjust your unit’s fan speed, timer, and temperature. With some skill and experimenting with this product, you can get salon-quality results without having to see your hairstylist.

    Being a helmet-type standing unit, however, you should note of its measurements. The hood has the dimensions of 10-1/2 in. x 9-1/2 in and 50 in. to 64 in adjustable height. It can accommodate various seating height, head sizes, and hair styles so it’s very useful and versatile.

    Things We Liked

    • check
      Great quality and can be used on a daily basis
    • check
      Easy to assemble and use
    • check
      Made portable by its caster wheels
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      Comes with 2 extra fuses

    Things We Didn't Like

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      Pricier than the other items in the list but with its features, it's definitely a good investment

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