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    Best Beard Trimmer Reviews 2018 | Top Electric Choices for Men & Facial Hair

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    The term is lumbersexual. Bear-ish, suggesting strength and manliness. That was what placed beards in favor these days. Different from the term Pornstache, a lumbersexual sports a stylish set of facial hair that covers most of the face, rather than just your upper lip. A fashion trend that is definitely classic and timeless, beards were so luxurious at one time, England had to tax men who choose to grow beards.

    Best Beard Trimmer 2018

    Why it is a good option:

    1. 3D pivoting head follows body contours
    2. Rounded blades & combs with 5 length settings
    3. Water-resistant casing & components

    Well, it doesn’t cost that much to grow a beard, nowadays, but it should cost you just even a bit if you want it to matter. You don’t have to look like a caveman or a hermit donning a full beard. Beards can be sleek, cultured and classy. There is definitely something about an ample amount of facial hair that screams, “I am the man,” rather than “You shall not pass!” and that’s why you have to invest in a beard trimmer.

    Top 3 Beard Trimmers

    Editor's Rating:


    • Shaver needs to charge for 24 hours before its first use
    • Pivoting head allows the shaving head to closely follow your body's contours
    • High performance trimmer has rounded blades and combs to prevent scratching the skin


    2. Panasonic ER224S All-in-One

    Editor's Rating:


    • Precision electric, waterproof beard trimmer and hair clipper
    • Cleanly and comfortably trims and grooms beards with spring-loaded​
    • Panasonic high-performance stainless steel blades


    3. Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

    Editor's Rating:


    • Braun’s most powerful beard trimmer​
    • Powerful dual battery system that adjusts to tough beard conditions for an even trim​
    • Ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for defined beard styles

    However, if you want to remove hair without shaving then look at some of these alternatives.

    The right type of grooming equipment also will determine whether your beard makes you look like “the man” or a wild animal, after all.

    Beard Trimmer Reviews

    The name says it all. Why stop at grooming your head? The BodyGroom lets you trim hair just about anywhere. It has a 3-way pivoting head that flows with the contours of your body. Shave as you go, this trimmer will provide you the most complete trimming for any bit of body hair that has to either go or be disciplined.

    2. [BEST FOR THE MONEY] Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair Clipper & Beard Trimmer

    Your beard should match your hairstyle. Or the other way around. When scraping your facial hair, it is important to see if your hair hasn’t grown over the beard you’ve just trimmed, after all, who trims the hedges and covers it up with a big sheet? The Panasonic ER224S All-In-One Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer allows you to perform both tasks without switching tools. This baby also is good wet or dry, so don’t be scared to dip it in a bit of shaving cream or water. The battery stays alive for 8 straight hours, more than enough time for you to groom your man hair. Shave for a straight 40 minutes, play with the 14-length adjustment settings. The unit also comes with a cleaning brush, oil, replacement blade and a charger, of course.

    Heavy duty performance for men who have hard hair or stubbles, trim both hair and beard with ease without wearing out the blades too soon. The dual battery tool allows more power in trimming those stubborn stubs. If you’re one of those guys with a full luxurious set of hair, this one is for you. The Braun Cruzer has 6 settings for both hair and beards that can be adjusted according to your heart’s desire. Trine for 40 minutes non-stop, it takes about an hour to fully recharge.

    Want to find out what’s better than 18 levels of trimming length? How about 19 trim settings? A wet and dry trimmer, cream, foam or water does not deter the performance of this equipment.  The blades have a 45 degree precision that ensures a clean and precise cut each time you bring it out. Use it for 50 long minutes and charge it for an hour on its own charging base.

    This All-in One trimmer is also a multipurpose shaver, just like the previous model. It packs 18 levels of hair length, 2 years warranty and a free trial for 45 days. You will no longer need a separate shaver for chest, armpits, and unmentionables ever again.

    The top trimmer on our list comes with 7 attachment combs, an extra battery pack, replacement oil, an extra blade, and a rechargeable clipper. Long battery life allows the trimmer to run for an hour, and the blade safety is superb, so don’t worry if you have a pimple or a rash that may get in the way. The trimmer as well as the clipper are designed to leave your skin unharmed.

    7. Babyliss FX811 Pro X2 Ferrari Cordless Clipper

    Ferrari. Now that’s a brand. Apart from the amazing feeling of racing this across your skin, the Ferrari Babyliss FX911 Pro X2 also comes with 8 assorted comb attachments, 4 cutting styles. It is lightweight, meaning you are free to scape your face whichever way you want. After all, it’s all you, baby. Enjoy a 2 year warranty.

    The built in laser guiding system lets you trim with accuracy. Don’t worry, the laser won’t burn you. Even Obi Wan Kenobi wouldn’t shave with a lightsaber, or could he? The Class 1 laser will only scan your face and deliver the best angle appropriate for each of the 17 levels of length it offers. Whether you’re scraping your facial hair entirely or eliminating unwanted stubbles, this trimmer is on-point. 1 hour runtime and charging, the Philips Norelco 9100 is a wet and dry unit as well.

    Another All-in One beard trimmer, this hair clipper and beard trimmer is best for those who confine themselves to a budget. Not as costly as the Panasonic, this trimmer is best for your classic 70s pornstache as well. The sleek design does not let you down as well, making it an excellent addition to your bathroom counter, sitting comfortably on its own charging base. You also get 4 trimming attachments that allow you to adjust the length and style you want, along with the rudimentary change of oil, cleaning brush a charger.

    Make yourself the envy of other men by keeping yourself look clean and fresh with the 7300. Have you ever missed a day or two of trimming, and dread the amount of hair in the sink that has to flush away because you were a little too lazy? Regret no longer, as this baby is packed with a vacuum system that lets you avoid messy hair clogs in the sink. This trimmer also has 18, yes 18 levels of trimming length and 50 minutes of pure unadulterated trimming time. It is also powered by a lithium ion battery, and a 2 year warranty.

    You are now ready to trim that jungle that is your face. Whether you want a more rugged mountain lion look or a grizzly bear type, we hope you are satisfied with the outcome.

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