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Top 10 Best Ankle Braces

While it’s cool to see people working out in these ankle straps, it is best to consider that these are designed to either prevent injury from happening while you do your sport activities or preventing further injury if you already have one, or if you have a medical condition that these accessories correct. They can help you heal chronic injuries, and heal them correctly. They also ensure your shoes give you a complete hugging fit. A good shoe fits perfectly.


  • Gel type brace that is is breathable, flexible
  • Fits into just about anything​
  • Lace-up design brace allows adjustment for comfortable ankle wear 


  • Light neoprene brace that allows for breathability
  • Conforms to contours of your foot 
  • Can be worn over a preexisting condition or as preventative tool 


  • Designed for medical conditions
  • The choice of most physical therapists, trainers and coaches
  • Can be worn in almost any type of shoe

Choose the right ankle brace for the occasion. A lot of these are designed to specifically wear left or right, or either way. Your medical condition may not be suitable for braces that can go on either foot, so should you be using these to treat your pre-existing injuries, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Another Gel type brace is this Shock Doctor. Just like the Pro-Tec, the Shock doctor is breathable, flexible and will fit into just about anything you place your foot into. It is a lace-up brace that allows you to decide how tight a fit you need on your ankle. The non-slip foot bed, paired with a pre curved tongue allows you a more stable support. To top it all off, Shock Doctor has provided antimicrobial properties to the brace.

Bracoo developed this light neoprene brace that lets your skin breathe and keep it dry. It reacts to the contours of your foot, providing the best fit you can ever have. Wear it over a preexisting condition or to prevent one, this ankle support can be your best training buddy and will accommodate most range of motion. It’s like a friend that doesn’t talk much, or doesn’t announce his presence but is always there.

This ankle brace is what doctors would pertain to as an orthosis. This is designed for medical conditions and has been the choice of most physical therapists, trainers and coaches. Because it is not only designed for sporting, the ASO can be worn inside almost any type of shoe. There is an elastic cuff closure, secure lace, stabilizing straps that allow for a perfect fit. Allowing you to protect specific spots that require attention. The material is lightweight and is shrink resistant as well.

The Futuro Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer has moisture wicking capabilities allowing you a soft, tight and secure feel. You can use it for whichever purpose serves you, whether inside a soak, or with sport shoes. It prevents unnecessary movement when doing physical activities that can strain your foot. It provides your feet with cushion so that your shoes fit better, with its reinforced side stabilizers keeping the sides of your ankle secure.

Being made of a gel like substance, this allows the Pro-tec Ankle sleeve to absorb pressure rather than transfer them directly on your foot. High impact sports like gymnastics or pole-vaulting will definitely welcome this accessory in their locker rooms. Don’t worry about comfort, there’s plenty of that in this design. Not only that, you also don’t need to worry about keeping your feet dry. The lightweight material is breathable and will let you work for hours without developing stinky feet.

The McDavid ankle with Strap makes for a lightweight and sturdy brace, with an elastic heel, sewed in arch and lace ankles, allowing movement along with the great support it brings. The McDavid is also bilateral, which means, you can fit it over the left or the right foot, without compromising comfort. Most medical straps will allow you to wear your ankle strap over a specific foot, left or right, but this ankle strap doesn’t mind where you place it.

Neoprene is the material you will commonly see on these ankle straps. That doesn’t make the Mueller common, it makes it comfortable, as neoprene allows you to maintain your body heat, thus letting your body heal while you use it. Because it hugs very well to skin, it can also relieve pain by pressure. Again, wearability over a wide variety of shoes is important and Mueller has made it an effort to observe that. Its figure 8 strapping design allows you a good fit every time.

The Zensah Ankle support is made of comfortable material, a mix of nylon, and spandex, making it super comfortable. It lets your skin breathe, and and the moisture wicking ability keeps your feet dry, and hopefully odorless. It is a discreet way of taking care of your injuries, and has a high capacity for flexibility. The Zensah can reduce swelling for common types of injuries.

Considered top notch because of its easy sleeve design and comfort, the ACE Deluxe lets you wear most shoe types. Moisture wicking is an important part of designing these braces as they keep your foot nice and dry, and far from the development of other foot diseases and odors. Its reinforced sides keep your ankles in good position as you go about your day.

This support brace can be worn by men and women alike, as it is lightweight and low profile. This ankle brace supports a wide variety of medical conditions and is wearable during sleep. It is best and more so designed for people who already have injuries rather than preventing it.

In conclusion, the key to finding the right ankle support brace is primarily the reason you are using one. Comfort of course is a factor, as well as considering which design will fork best for a medical condition. We hope this top 10 list will lead you to the best ankle brace.

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