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9 Best Air Mattresses To Consider Before Buying One [2018]

Today, at Healthy Top 10s we bring you the list of 10 best airbeds, both in user reviews and in lists put together by reputable websites in the field, like the TheSleepStudies.com, which is a website that does just that - tests and reviews sleep related products including top-rated inflatable beds.

The list includes best blow up mattresses in different categories – from top airbeds for kids to top camping inflatables.

Here we go - the 10 top-rated airbeds with brief reviews:

The best air mattress - Dream Series line by SoundAsleep

This air mattress is by far the top-rated in user reviews. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t come from any of the big companies, but a small new company, it’s the airbed that’s we crown as the “best” based on multiple criteria.

For those who don’t know that much about airbeds, a common issues are air leaks. As reported by people who own the airbed in their reviews, the SoundAsleep doesn’t develop leaks (at least not as much so most of the other models).

This is especially important if you have in mind the fact that it costs less that most competing models.

2nd top rated airbed – Serta Pillowtop with a Never Flat Pump

This blow up bed is different. It eliminates the problem of air leaks and people waking up on the floor by adding what they call a Never-Flat pump and pillow top for added comfort. It feels very much like a real bed and it is rated as one of the best air mattresses both in user reviews and on TheSleepStudies.com.

The trademarked Never-Flat technology means that the bed includes two pumps – the main one that does the inflation and the secondary that maintains the pressure and tops the bed off when the pressure inside drops.

#3 - Fox Plush high-rise

Although it includes the word “Plush” in the name, there’s nothing mellow about this airbed from Fox.

It is one of the most durable and toughest models out there, which is why people often choose to use it long-term as replacement for their main bed.

What makes it so durable is the fact that it’s the only inflatable mattress out there that’s made of 0.6 mm thick vinyl (as opposed to the 0.4 mm, which is how thick the PVC is in almost every other model).

#4 - Cloud Nine by SoundAsleep

This air mattress comes with a heftier price tag than any of the models we are listing here, but there’s a good reason behind it.

It is THE model that incorporates all of the high-end features we’ve seen in the other inflatables – it combines durable PVC, soft plush top and a secondary pump that’s similar to included in the Serta Never Flat. The technology is pretty mush the same only SoundAsleep calls it a “Smart Pump”.

It also maintains the air pressure inside by adding air when the sensors register airloss.

# 5 – Coleman Supportrest Double High

This is an airbed primarily mean to be used outdoors, which is why the pump is not built-in and electric. This Coleman only features a versatile valve that allows you to use any type of pump – from rechargeable or battery operated ones to a leg or manual.

It’s available in Twin and Queen sizes it features the two Coleman standard design features – the ComfortStrong Coil technology (which are essentially air beams that make the surface sturdier) and the Support Lock (which makes it firmer on the edges).

It’s backed up by a full 1—year Coleman guarantee.

#6 – Best Choice by airmattress.com

This one is a relatively “young” addition to the arena of top air mattresses but it’s worthy of a mention on the top 10 list.

The main reason for that is the durability and the design. The PVC used is not regular vinyl, but reinforced using nylon encasement, lowering the chances of air leaks and punctures.

For the reviews we’ve read, this one is a good choice for those who like to sleep on firmer surfaces. It comes with a topper, which is a nice plus, because most people get a topper to go with their blow up bed anyway.

Not for those used to sleeping on a soft surface.

#7 – Serta and Insta EZ beds

The reason why these two models are sharing the place #8 is the fact that they are basically the same product coming from two different companies. Serta even used Insta pumps for their models.

EZ beds are not your standard airbed – similar to the Coleman Cot but again, different in so many ways. They are mounted on a steel frame, but this one is much more elegant and it self-deploys.

That’s right, you don’t have to do anything, you just plug it in and watch it unfold.

If you’re welcoming important guests – this is probably the best air mattresses to get. It’s elegant and, when set up, looks nothing like the other models we talked about.

The downside – a hefty price tag and the weight.

#8 – Shrunks Tuckaire – best airbed for kids and toddlers

This list would be complete without pointing out at least one good choice among airbed for toddlers.

The Shrunks Tuckaire is the safest option – both in terms of the manufacturing (3rd party certified to be free of any harmful chemicals) and in terms of design (the side rails do a very good job of getting the toddler safe in place.

It’s a good option as a transition bed, from a crib to a regular mattress.

#9 – Intex Comfort Plush

Intex is one of the best-known brands in the industry, but to be frank, their reputation was not about making top-of-the-line air mattresses. It was mostly about pools and pool accessories.

Much of that has changed over the last decade as Intex took steps to try and keep up with the fast-pace advancements in the industry.

Their response was what they call Fiber-Tech technology. This technology allows their newest models, like the Comfort Plush Durabeam, to be just as stable and supportive as the competing models without adding to the thickness of the materials used.

Intex uses Fiber-tech fibers for the internal chambers instead of regular vinyl. These are much more durable and do not stretch as much. The result is an airbed that doesn’t “sink” to the middle – another common issue with lower quality blow-up beds.

The best part about it – the technology is inexpensive and that’s why this Line of Intex models is the most budget-friendly compared to any of the other products we looked at today.


An air mattress is not what it used to be – a word that associates you to grabbing one and hitting the beach. The advancements we’ve seen over the last decade or so allowed it to enter the mainstream and become a household item.

If you have any questions about how we made our picks, feel fry to use the comments section and we’ll do our best to help.

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