Anal Itching Remedies

    Anal Itching Remedies: Natural Treatments and Cures

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    Have you ever experienced a serious itch on your bottom while in public? It may be a small thing, but it’s hard to deal with right away without embarrassing yourself. It’s also very uncomfortable.

    Medically referred to as pruritus ani, anal itching is not something that you should ignore. Sure, it’s a common experience just like having an itchy arm or leg so it’s easy to not pay attention to it. However, the condition can easily become chronic. This is where you should start looking for remedies for anal itching remedies.

    When anal itching becomes chronic, it can already be a sign that something isn’t right in your body. While the cause isn’t always a serious one, all of them are still worth exploring. Finding remedies for anal itching can benefit you in many ways, so let us help you explore your options.

    Possible Causes of Anal Pruritus

    To effectively treat and find the suitable anus itching remedies for you, learning what causes it is a must. Here are a few possible reasons why your bum is causing you a great discomfort right now:

    Your Hygiene

    Poor hygiene is one of the most common and expected causes of an itchy bottom. Not being able to clean off after doing the Number Two can leave one’s underwear soiled.

    Being too clean can also be a cause for anal itching. Going overboard in cleaning your bottom after going to the restroom can lead to irritations.


    Chemicals in some foods, usually the spicy ones, can lead to irritations in the area.

    Medication Side Effect

    Some antibiotics and prescription drugs can also cause irritations in your bottom.

    Continuous Moisture in the Area

    Profuse sweating, incontinence, and several other conditions that will keep the area moist can also irritate the skin and lead to an itchy bottom.

    Various Conditions, Infections, and Disorders

    Chronic Dry Skin Conditions

    Psoriasis and seborrhea can also cause this condition as dry patches or lesions can be developed in the skin near the anus.

    Parasitic Issues

    Being one of the most common parasitic infections in the US today, enterobiasis is also a common cause of this condition. Pinworms usually lay eggs in the skin near the anus, causing anal itching. Yeast and fungal infections are also common causes of this condition.

    Skin Tags or Fissures

    The abnormal growth of skin or small skin tears can also lead to an itchy bottom.

    Chronic Diseases

    Sufferers of ailments like jaundice, lymphoma, leukemia, hemorrhoids, anemia, diabetes, and thyroid diseases can also experience anal itching. It’s also common among people with sexually transmitted diseases.

    Anal Itching Remedies

    Now that you have an idea what causes hemorrhoids, the next step would be to address them. There are lots of home remedies for anal itching that you can try:

    Proper Hygiene

    Observing proper hygiene is possibly one of the safest, easiest, and even most effective natural anal itching remedies there is. This is especially true if the case is caused by hygiene issues.

    Experts recommend the practice of gentle cleansing and thorough drying. These two may be very basic steps but they’re also very effective when battling anal itching.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

    Drinking a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of ACV in it daily is another popular anus itching home remedy that you can easily do. The ACV is believed to have some antibacterial properties by many, so it can be useful in relieving your bottom’s itchiness.

    Coconut Oil

    Hailed as a cure-all natural product, coconut oil is another one of the many highly recommended anal itching remedies. Its antimicrobial properties are proven by extensive studies, so it’s said to be effective for infections and irritations.

    Aloe Vera

    Like coconut oil, aloe vera is also a traditional solution to various conditions. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are also believed to work for anal itching. Directly applying aloe vera gel to the problem area is said to easily do the trick in such cases.

    Maintaining Regular Firm Bowel Movements

    If you tend to expel soft stool, there’s a high chance that the area will stay damp. This can lead to irritation and itchiness. This is why firming up your stool by adding more fiber to your diet is considered as one of the many anus itching natural remedies.

    Prescription Ointments

    This one is more of an anus itching treatment than a home remedy, but since it will still let you manage the condition at home, it’s not a very different technique. There’s a number of ointments for this purpose available over the counter. If you want a fast and effective one, though, you should have your doctor prescribe you with one.


    There are tons of options when it comes to natural remedies for anal itching so there’s no need to worry too much about treating this condition. As long as you know what’s causing your discomfort, you can find a corresponding remedy to it. Give these a try and you might just find yourself feeling better shortly after.

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